Zion National Park Forever Project Hosts Virtual Arts Event and Benefits Park



SPRINGDALE, Utah (ABC4) – Zion National Park holds an annual art exhibition to raise funds for park and education programs.

The exhibit, “Zion: A Legacy of Art,” is led by The Zion Forever Project, the official non-profit organization of Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Pipe Spring National Monument.

The exhibition runs from September 16 to November 6 and features 20 original works by nationally renowned artists. The event is in its 13th year and will spotlight seventeen returning artists and four new artists this year.

The theme of the artwork is inspired by Zion Park and features interpretations of the majestic red rock formations found throughout the Natural Wonder. All original artwork shown can be purchased.

“We continue to celebrate the importance of original art in Zion’s history with an annual art event in the park,” said Lyman Hafen, executive director of the Zion National Park Forever Project. “The artists featured in this year’s exhibition continue the formidable tradition started by iconic artists such as Thomas Moran and Frederick Dellenbaugh, who first exhibited this landscape to the American public through their paintings. Today, artists, collectors, donors, sponsors and visitors carry on this legacy of preserving the wonder that is Zion National Park for future generations and enhancing the experience for all who come here.

“The Zion: A Legacy of Art event offers visitors the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Zion in new ways through the impressions of these talented artists,” said Jeff Bradybaugh, Superintendent of Zion National Park. “Their work continues to improve our ongoing management of this wonderful sanctuary which we recognize as Zion National Park.”

All original works of art can be viewed online via a virtual gallery by clicking here.

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