Welcome reception ART 321 Thursday for the galleries ‘(Un)defining Art’ and ‘Health Equity’


Left: “Who dropped the ball?” by Sharon Merchat. Right: “We All Got One” by Beth Cleary (courtesy ART 321)

CASPER, Wyo — Works that examine or challenge the very definition of “art” will be unveiled Thursday at the ART 321 gallery reception in March.

The reception will be held at the gallery (321 W Midwest Avenue) from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, March 3. It is free for the public.

The “(The Un)Defining Art gallery opens alongside a tattoo and body art gallery and the launch of Health equity today and tomorrow. The latter will be a traveling installation showcasing the work of queer artists from Wyoming that reflects their health and experiences, the nonprofit organization said.

“We All Got One” by Beth Cleary at ART 321 (courtesy ART 321)

Angela Beeson Wallace, marketing coordinator at ART 321, told Oil City that many submissions are 3D and some are interactive.

One is a felt board with an oversized silhouette that customers can dress from a range of felt clothing, accessories and expressions. The artist, Beth Cleary, said in her statement that the ideas communicated through visual art “can be very concrete or totally abstract”.

“Art is indefinable,” artist Angela Volzke said in her statement. “Giving it context is putting a barrier around what it should be. “

“Who dropped the ball?” by Sharon Merschat at ART 321 (courtesy ART 321)
“Domesticated Nomads” by Angela Volzke (courtesy ART 321)


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