Viswanathan Anand shares his son’s first art exhibition photo


On Saturday, Indian chess legend Viswanathan Anand took to Twitter and shared glimpses of his son Sai Akhil Anand’s first ever art exhibition.

“Proud to be at Mumbai Taj Art Gallery to see my son Akhil exhibit for the first time. Its Marine Math theme about how human math has destroyed marine life. Nature has such beautiful mathematical models that we must appreciate. Has been such an enriching experience Sai Akhil Anand,” tweeted the Indian grandmaster.

The painting was done with photo ink colors, acrylic colors, watercolors and permanent pen as described.

The image which shows a turtle, a jellyfish and a snail, has a description written underneath, saying: “It visually represents the patterns of sea life. The hexagonal turtle mosaic which is the most ideal shape in nature. The Fibonacci spiral of a snail. Catenaries and parabolas show pointillism in a Joan Miro-inspired atom that represents life. The jellyfish is an influence of Ernst haeckl with a twisted Fibonacci number sequence

In August this year, Viswanathan Anand took up his new position as vice-president of Fide. “I would like to expand our geographical footprint and continue to work to attract more young people to the game – this is crucial for the long term growth of the game. We need to continue to promote chess in India as it is an important market and an important country. A lot of people here play the game, but it can grow a lot more. Those are the areas I’m going to focus on, but I think Fide is already in the right direction in that area, that’s why it will be easy for me to fit in,” he told India Express before being elected.


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