The canons of art history are fluid and changing. And it’s the role of curators to step in, to make sense of it all, and to present a picture of where the art will go next. They act as stewards, activating ideas, making connections, bringing attention to lesser-known artists and overlooked areas and highlighting topics

that warrant further discussion. And as political and social mores continue to evolve, acting as a devoted connoisseur of the arts is only part of the job description. For many curators, their position comes with a responsibility to mediate between three active players: artists, institutions and the public.

Since taking the reins as founder and curator of ‘MERAKII ART HOUSE’, New Delhi-born Ms. Chandni Gulati Aggarwal has produced one elegantly executed exhibition after another, showcasing talented artists. Merakii is set to host another art exhibition titled Unarchived at Visual Art Gallery, New Delhi. From June 3 to 6, 2022. Opening of the show on June 3, 2022, at 4 p.m.

This exhibition is an initiative to promote young talent and encourage new artists who are trying to find a place in the art industry. It’s titled Unarchived, which means bringing something back to where it originally belonged. This exhibition aims to celebrate talent and allow the public to witness talent and expression in its purest form. Artists have suffered a lot during the Covid -19 pandemic with absolutely no platform or opportunity to broadcast. This show presents the emotions experienced during difficult times through visual art.

Artists from different parts of the country will present their unique works of art in oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media.

Participating artists:

Rajat Kumar, Manisha Sharma, Banoshree Bose, Shruti Gupta Kasana, Subarna Bagchi, Ajay Kumar, Isha Mehra, Namrita Nagra, Indu Mishra, Najla Al Rabia, Seema Kaushik, Charulata Mukherjee, Anirudhha Mukherjee, Preetika Rao, Anushka Jain, Kareena Shivam, Mahesh Chand, Nisha Verma, Shefali Khanna, Ajitaaditya, Shanthi Vinjamuri, Jasjit Sidhu, Shruti Solanki, Aditi Sood, Snigdha Goel, Kuhulika Sharma, Meha Chaturvedi, Shivali Verma, Riya Saxena, Arshhia Chawla, Anurag Anand, Umapathy, Vinod Prakash, Ashdeep Babra, KS Dilip Kumar, Rritu Goel, Jyoti Bansal, Doyel Sinha, Mayank Agarwal, Komal Vaswani and Kirti Chatrath.


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