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For more than 10 years, the Community Art Gallery at University Hospitals TriPoint Medical Center in Concord Township has featured work by local artists using a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, and photography.

This winter, the gallery will showcase artwork from some of the youngest aspiring artists in the community – students aged 6 to 12 from the Fine Arts Association of Willoughby.

The winter-themed exhibition features acrylic paintings with a touch of mixed media.

Students in the Family Ties Homeschool program, taught by FAA visual arts teacher Dianne Stiver-Lang, created snowmen with real sticks for arms.

Creative Painting and Drawing 1 and 2 students, taught by Melissa Sexstella, Assistant Director of Visual Arts, created winter gnomes.

“Art is a language we all speak and giving students the opportunity to share what they have created gives their artistic voice a place to be heard,” Sexstella said. “They can’t accomplish that without an audience.”

The exhibit had been in the works for a few months, when Robyn Kermode, who manages the rotating community art gallery, approached the FAA to exhibit the students’ artwork.

“Discovering and creating beauty through art is therapeutic, provides an opportunity for individual expression, and contributes to a deeper human experience,” said FAA CEO Paul Holm.

“We are grateful that the hard work of our students not only benefits them, but also those who come to teaching hospitals to improve their health,” he added. “These types of collaborative partnerships leverage some of the best tools we have for improving community well-being and conversation.”

According to UH Art Curator Thomas Huck, the UH fine arts program often seeks opportunities to work with regional organizations and showcase “the work and programming they provide to our community”.

When the UH TriPoint Medical Center was built in 2009, it was done using the principles of evidence-based design – a concept that connects the quality of the hospital environment with patient outcomes.

Each original piece of art has been carefully chosen to help reduce stress, improve results and facilitate orientation, officials noted.

“We believe that incorporating artwork into our healthcare environment is of great benefit to our patients, visitors and staff,” Huck said. “Not only do works of art enhance our interiors from a design perspective, but they help to provide a soothing, healing and inspiring environment within our facilities that many may find daunting, impersonal or sterile.”

More than 300 original paintings, photographs, metal and glass sculptures, textiles, and outdoor sculptures created primarily by Ohio artists are displayed around the UH TriPoint Medical Center.

The permanent art collection also includes works by doctors and caregivers, officials confirmed.

“We recognize that patients and visitors are often anxious when they arrive at the hospital,” said TriPoint President Cynthia Moore-Hardy. “Appropriately selected artwork can provide patients with positive distractions that can make them forget about any discomfort they may be feeling.”

For more information about the UH TriPoint Medical Center Community Art Gallery, email [email protected]

For more information about the Fine Arts Association, visit fineartsassociation.org.


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