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The Trinidad Art Gallery features the work of members Colleen Clifford and Amanita Mollier.

Clifford’s current work showcases vibrant yet warm glass colors of pink, amber and purple. Using them as a base palette for work, she plays with striking color combinations in her suncatchers (mandalas, droplets, pods) and boxes.

The featured stained glass window in his exhibition, “Weaver,” expresses the act of creation: what it feels like to be in the flow of the artistic process. Bright, bold colors highlight the energy and vibrancy that comes when artists weave their souls into their work, while the imagery of a loom represents the amount of work involved in creating art . Through this colorful dance of abstract and concrete, Clifford allows the viewer to see the process as well as the product.

Mollier is a silk painter. The medium originated in China and eventually made its way across the world thousands of years later. Silk painting involves many techniques, product choices and selection of silk materials, making it an exciting and versatile medium. The process is very similar to watercolor in that light colors are built up slowly, resins are used to protect areas, and details are built up in layers. Silk dye, however, flows much more than watercolor, necessitating the use of products such as gutta-serti resin, dye thickeners, hot wax and textile acrylic. After the painting is complete, the silk fabric goes through a steaming process which sets the dye, then rinsed to remove excess dye and finally dry cleaned to remove resins. The final painting can be displayed as framed wall art, as a wall hanging with top and bottom boards, or even as garment and home decor. Reproductions of his originals are also available printed on metal and as art cards.

Experimentation is the key to Mollier’s evolution as a silk painter. His current collection features scenes depicting flora and fauna from his various outdoor adventures in this region. She enjoys going up streams and driving on back roads, always on the lookout for inspiring photography to create the best scene possible through silk painting.

The Trinidad Art Gallery at 490 Trinity Street is open daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, visit or call 707-633-3770.


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