The most valuable exhibition in the history of Art Safari will be seen this fall


“Victoria and Albert Museum, London, one of the world’s leading art museums, joins Romanian Museums as an Art Safari partner and presents the exhibition titled ‘Seeking Truth: The Art of John Constable’ in Bucharest, curators : Dr Emily Knight and Katharine Martin, which includes paintings, drawings and watercolors by John Constable, but also works on paper by Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt van Rijn, Claude Lorrain, JMW Turner, Thomas Gainsborough, Jacob van Ruisdael etc.

The exhibition ‘Seeking Truth: The Art of John Constable’, made up of more than 80 oil paintings and works on paper, is built around John Constable (1776-1837), one of the greatest landscape painters of all times and his passion for art, considering that John Constable was not only one of the greatest English painters, but also a great collector – he studied and collected the works of the Great Masters all his life.

The partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, honors us and confirms the status achieved over time by Art Safari Bucharest, as the most important manifestation of the Romanian scene in the field of visual arts. If the international pavilion is dedicated to one of the greatest landscape painters of all time, John Constable, in the Romanian pavilion we will exhibit one of the main Romanian painter-travellers – Ștefan Popescu. Breathtaking landscapes and a complex edition that must be discovered in particular through guided tours or Night Tours, highly appreciated personalized visit experiences in Art Safari”, says Ioana Ciocan, Managing Director of Art Safari.

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London (V&A) is one of the most important art and design museums in the world. It houses a permanent collection of over 2.8 million objects, books and archives that preserve over 5,000 years of creativity. The museum holds some of the most comprehensive resources for the study of architecture, furniture, fashion, textiles, photography, sculpture, painting, jewelry, glass, art and Asian design, theater and performance.

The authentic beauty of England, captured by painter John Constable

The exhibition “Seeking Truth: The Art of John Constable” (A traveling V&A exhibition) presents, for the first time in Romania, the art of John Constable (1776-1837), one of the greatest landscape painters of all the temperature. Born and raised in rural Suffolk, South East England, Constable developed an abiding love for the local countryside, making it the primary subject of his art. Even after he left Suffolk and started painting new landscapes, this place remained a rich and lasting source of inspiration for him.

Constable’s mission as a painter was to record the truth and beauty of the natural world. He made countless studies of nature to better understand it and paint it more accurately. He combined this in-depth study with a deep interest in the work of landscape painters of the past. Constable handled paint in a free and very expressive manner, which provoked criticism from his contemporaries. However, the artist refused to compromise on his own unique and innovative vision and remained experimental until his death in 1837 (it should be noted that a year later, in 1838, the great Romanian landscape painter Nicolae Grigorescu was born who , with the realist Barbizon, draws inspiration from the pictorial lessons of Constable and integrates them into his artistic practice). The exhibition curated by Dr. Emily Knight and Katharine Martin analyzes Constable’s personal connection to place, his search for inspiration and his innovative techniques.

“We are delighted to present the unparalleled collection of work by John Constable from the V&A. This is the first time an exhibition by Britain’s greatest landscape artist has taken place in Romania and we look forward to sharing the breadth of his career. ‘Seeking Truth: The Art of John Constable’ takes visitors on a journey through Constable’s life and explores his artistic vision, sources of inspiration and fascinating working practice,” said Katharine Martin and Emily Knight, curators of the exhibition.

The International Pavilion will also host a new contemporary exhibition, developed in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Romania, Korean beauty. poster arta poster exhibition by Byoungil Sun, which will certainly interest Art Safari’s growing young audience.

The Romanian Pavilion will include 3 art exhibitions.

“Stefan Popescu. Travel story” (curator: Dr. Elena Olariu), developed in partnership with the Bucharest City Museum. Ștefan Popescu is one of the most appreciated Romanian painter-travellers, who also distinguished himself by representing Romania in no less than three editions of the Venice Biennale. During his stay in Paris, after 1900, he established close ties with Romanian artists and people of culture who lived in France, becoming Constantin Brâncuși’s friend in Paris.

He began to paint seascapes in France, but also the sunny or cloudy landscapes of the Breton coasts. For his attachment to French culture, Ștefan Popescu received, in 1925, the Legion of Honor, with the rank of knight, awarded by the French State. The artist alternates his trips to France with those through Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, but also with trips through Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia or Germany. Ștefan Popescu was also one of the favorite painters of Queen Maria, who purchased some of his most important works for her private collection.

“Lillian Theil. A smiling old woman” (curator: Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu) exhibits an exceptional artist, 90 years old, who lives and works in Sighisoara. Born in Brașov, in 1932, expelled after the first year of studies at the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute National Art Center in Bucharest, for “unhealthy origin”, (re)takes art in a liberating exercise, after the Revolution of 1989. From this moment, Lilian Theil will initiate an extremely personal, revealing creative path – the artist will think, philosophize and… sew an impressive number of works on textile support with a strong charge of catharsis.

“Mihai Muresan. Little things” (curator: university professor Dr. Ioan Sbârciu). An artist fascinated by the exterior and interior landscape, Mihai Mureșan is part of the new generation of neo-realist painters trained at the Cluj school of painting. His canvases build universes in which not only fragments of the artist’s own reality are revealed to the viewer, but atmospheres full of sensitivity. Landscapes and urban fragments, influenced by his mood, exert themselves to clarify the surrounding world, but also the interiors.

Program for visiting the exhibitions:

  • artistic safari: Thursday-Sunday (12:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.), September 23-December 11, 2022, Dacie-Romania Palace (Bucharest Museum), Lipscani Street no. 18-20, Bucharest

Tickets with a 20% discount can be purchased at until August 26, 2022.


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