The message of the new GRTC bus is “hope, love and freedom”



RICHMOND, Virginia – On the streets of Richmond, a GRTC bus wrapped in a design produced by young city activists and local artists is now in circulation. The one-of-a-kind packaging features images of the same young people who designed it.

They are part of RISE for Youth and are working to create a world that has ended youth incarceration instead of community alternatives.

GRTC, RISE for Youth, Performing Statistics and Culture Works have all partnered up with the project, which is the latest exhibition of the “Constellations of Freedom” public art project. The huge banners hanging at Richmond Town Hall, also featuring activists from RISE for Youth, are part of the same project.

In addition to the portraits of the young activists, the packaging of the bus includes phrases like: “We dream of a world where all young people are free. We can love each other. We can shape our future. We are free.”

“Each community this bus passes through will be a safe and prosperous space where young people can become whatever they dream of and deserve to be,” said Mark Strandquist, Creative Director of Performing Statistics. “Every public space, every piece of city infrastructure can be a platform to amplify the voices of those we most need to hear. It is an incredible step, a good step towards building this future. “

“I believe their creativity will inspire hope, love and freedom in all who see these images parading the streets,” said Scott Garka, president of CultureWorks.


GRTC said the wrapper, unveiled outside town hall on Sunday afternoon, is the first in a series of community-focused bus wraps they plan to roll out in the months. future. Julie Timm, CEO of GRTC, said access to public transport is a major element of justice reform.

“The GRTC is proud to sponsor this bus and these young people,” said Timm. “When members of our community cannot physically access these resources due to systemic barriers to transportation and mobility resources, then transportation and physical mobility itself becomes a primary and key determinant of social growth and economic mobility. “

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RISE for Youth is a non-partisan organization committed to dismantling the juvenile prison model and ensuring that every space that has an impact on a young person’s life encourages growth and success.



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