The Francis Gallery in LA is an art space inspired by Korean design


The Francis Gallery presents contemporary art in a context subtly influenced by what founder Rosa Park describes as “Koreanness”.

Located on Melrose Avenue, the art space offers a beautifully streamlined experience – all wood floors, white walls and clean lines. But it stands out from the traditional aesthetic of the white cube by adopting Korean aesthetic. The outdoor space is a take on traditional hanok courtyards, and the striking curved wall in the center of the gallery recalls the white porcelain moon pots made domestically in the 15th century.

Photography: Rich Stapleton

Park, who also runs a bath outpost of the gallery in the UK, says the space – designed by her in partnership with studio LA BC – was inspired by places of worship, particularly monasteries and chapels. “What I love about these spaces is their ability to use humble materials in thoughtful ways and their ability to imbue a simple, stripped-back space with so much warmth and grounding,” she says.

Francis Gallery LA’s inaugural exhibition, Morning Calm, echoes its inner inspiration, featuring the work of six Korean-born artists, who present reinterpretations of Korean culture and objects.

Photography: Rich Stapleton

Photography: Rich Stapleton

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