The 10 coolest neighborhoods in the world according to Time Out



(CNN) – A food hub in the Danish capital that has seen new businesses thrive even in the depths of the pandemic has been crowned the coolest neighborhood in the world by Time Out.

Nørrebro, Copenhagen tops the 2021 Global Media Brand list, which was compiled through a survey of some 27,000 people living in cities around the world and refined by Time Out’s global team of editors.

In the aftermath of Covid-19, Time Out claims that community spirit played a big role in selecting the best neighborhoods.

“The pandemic has been quite overwhelming for cities and for cultural and hotel businesses,” Caroline McGinn, global editor of Time Out, told CNN Travel. “But each of these places has its own story to tell about how people came together to support each other – and inventing new popular culture along the way.”

Andersonville in Chicago, known for its thriving LGBTQ + scene and green spaces, placed second on Time Out’s list, while historic Jongno 3-ga in Seoul, South Korea took third place.

Number four traveled to Edinburgh’s district of Leith, a former industrial area of ​​the city that has a thriving creative scene and a growing list of top restaurants. Vilnius Railway Station Art District in Lithuania rounds out the top five, with Time Out praising the city’s street art and bar scene.

Neighborhood spirit

Edinburgh’s district of Leith is number four on Time Out’s list.

City Johannes Kalervo Valkama / Adobe Stock

Nørrebro’s number one neighborhood was recommended by Time Out not only for its vibrant businesses, old and new, but also for its recent community initiatives, ranging from a car-free Sunday program to an interactive art exhibit titled Usynglige Stier (“Invisible Paths.”)

“The ratings aren’t the whole story, it’s also about the vibe,” McGinn said, explaining that Time Out’s editors refined the list with an important localized perspective.

“The neighborhoods of the city are vibrant, they change quickly. And that can be a really good thing: look at some of the cool ideas that came true very quickly during Covid.”

Time Out also claims sustainability was at the forefront of its decision-making: the number two pick Andersonville, Chicago, was celebrated for its Clark Free Composts eco-composting program, while Hong Kong’s Sai Kung (number ninth) has been praised for its zero-waste stores and the environmental group Friends of Sai Kung.

Number 10 on Time Out's list is Richmond in Melbourne, Australia.

Number 10 on Time Out’s list is Richmond in Melbourne, Australia.

Daniel Pockett / Getty Images

McGinn said the Time Out survey highlighted how differently cities have been affected by the pandemic, but a unifying factor was “a big shift towards localism and hyperlocalism, which are here to stay.”

“People hung out in their neighborhood, depended on them for their livelihood, community and social life, and in many cases, they fell in love with them,” she said.

Time Out also highlighted the must-see businesses and landmarks in each neighborhood – from the Corner Hotel concert hall in Richmond, Melbourne (number 10) to Café Graine D’Or in Ngor, Dakar (number eight).

These local spots are “the soul of our cities,” McGinn said.

“When Time Out puts on the best in town, our editors are looking for happy surprises: off the radar spots, new local spots that don’t have a nifty marketing department but are wonderful. We’re looking for all the obvious things. . – flavor, authenticity, excellence – but also the secret sauce, places where the atmosphere and the experience really swing, and seem definitive for this place and this time. “

Top 10 coolest neighborhoods in Time Out

1. Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Andersonville, Chicago, United States

3. Jongno 3-ga, Seoul, South Korea

4. Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland

5. Station area, Vilnius, Lithuania

6. Chelsea, New York, United States

7. XIth district, Budapest, Hungary

8. Ngor, Dakar, Senegal

9. Sai Kung, Hong Kong

10. Richmond, Melbourne, Australia



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