Student art exhibition portrays a bright future


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – As the Omaha Public Schools December Student Exhibition wraps up, it’s clear that the future of the city’s young artists remains a wide range of possibilities.

After opening at the Nicholas Street Gallery of the Hot Shops Art Center on December 3, PAHO’s third annual art exhibition concludes tomorrow. The exhibition ends on Monday, December 27.

Art on display includes work by students of Benson High, Blackburn High, Bryan Senior High, Burke High, Central High, Integrated Learning Program, Middle College Program, Northwest High, Omaha North High, and Omaha South High.

The student exhibit in the three-story building filled with working galleries is good for high school students and also inspiring for professional artists, always ready to help usher in the next generation of artists and enthusiasts.

“I am absolutely inspired by the people who come and the things I meet on a daily basis,” said Matthew Shrader, hand-blown glass sculptor who works at Hot Shops. “Having more group efforts is always better for me and my art, bringing people, the audience, bringing in other artists and collaborating with other people is really important to my work.”

Shrader often teaches classes in his studio to students of all ages. He is currently preparing an installation which will open at Jardins Lauritzen in January.

The Hot Shops Art Foundation supports a creative environment for over 80 artists active in over 50 studios and provides educational opportunities for artists of all ages and interests.

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