Solo exhibition: ‘Art by LD’



Leizel Lacsao-Dator (4th from left), Dennis Valenciano, Janice Desalit, Cristina Druhum, Charlie Co, Stanford Uy, Mary Rose Brizuela, Leah Divino-Samson and Maria Jimenez (ld) *

A solo exhibition titled “Art by LD” featuring the works of graphic / visual artist Leizel Lacsao-Dator recently opened at the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros (AAB-N) and will run until December 7 .

The exhibition features 31 pieces of his works in acrylic paint with the use of a palette knife with subjects ranging from floral still life, landscapes, seascapes and negro scenes such as the Mambukal Resort, Gawahon Resort, The Ruins, the Chapel of Cartwheels, and Punta Ballo beach, as well as scenes from Okinawa, Singapore, and Taiwan that she had visited overseas.

Dator has stated that her favorite subjects are the Negro landscapes which she considers very nostalgic as it brings back memories of her childhood, especially when she does Victorias plays as that is where she grew up.

She says she moved to Manila in 1995 to study and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Advertising from the University of the Far East in 1999. She then pursued a career as a graphic designer, working for various companies, including Business World from 2004 to 2007 where she made the layout of the newspaper.

Dator said she then moved to Singapore in 2007 and pursued a career as a senior graphic designer for an exhibition company for more than 20 years. His works were presented as part of the “PrintPack + Sign” 2019 exhibition at Marina Bay Sands.

The ruins*
Victoria scene *
The artist with his floral still lifes *
Visual artist Leizel Lacsao-Dator, AAB-N President Leah Samson and Msgr. Gigi Gaston (lr) *

She started drawing at the age of six and her favorite subjects were nature and dolls. But it was in 2017 while in Singapore that she revisited her passion for painting in her spare time and then used the palette knife in 2018. Painting is for her a form of relaxation and it is not that this year that she becomes a full-time painter, she mentioned.

She worked in Singapore for 14 years before returning to Bacolod in March 2020 where she finally decided to settle permanently, she added.

Dator said she found using a palette knife more difficult and continued to use it because of its texture which helped her develop her signature style. She started with the abstract which then turned into Impressionism.

In 2019, she contacted the Good Art Gallery in Quezon City to show her paintings and the first piece of art posted on her social media platform immediately sold out and since then she has gained clients in the area. Metro Manila, she said.

She wanted to return to Bacolod in 2020, but due to the pandemic, she postponed her trip, Dator said.

Upon arriving in Bacolod this year, she visited the Art District in search of a gallery that could help her showcase her works. She went to Orange Project Gallery in July where she met visual artist and gallery co-founder Charlie Co and showed him her coffee table book. He then introduced her to AAB-N President Leah Samson and after showing her works she decided to hold her first solo exhibition at AAB Gallery + Café, she said. .

“It would become fulfilling for me to also be known in Negros and to be able to contribute to the local art scene. I want to show that this is where I come from and that these are my works, ”she added.

Dator’s works can also be viewed on his online platform,*


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