Sisson ‘One Way Out’ FRANCHISE Art Gallery Show LA


Sisson is a multidisciplinary artist who weaves his African heritage with modern iconography to create a work that is both legendary and deeply rooted in contemporary culture. Born in Glendale, Arizona and now based between Los Angeles and New York, identity is at the heart of Sissòn’s practicea minimal yet impactful exploration of what the artist believes to be an alien in a place we call home.

Installed at the new FRANCHISE gallery in Los Angeles, Sissòn presents his eighth personal exhibition, Output. The suite of new paintings is arguably their “most personal” exhibition to date, according to the artist via instagramin this, the paintings serve as snapshots in Sissòn’s formative experiences – “from the gangbang at age 15 to their return to painting as a means of escaping the violence they found themselves in”, wrote one statement by the gallery.

Contrasting with the often violent nature of gang culture, Sissòn infuses optimism into his paintings by using a vibrant choice of colors and recalling 2Pac’s famous poem, “The Rose That Sprouted From Concrete”. Similar to lyrics, Sissòn’s painting articulates through portraiture a message of adversity; that despite societal hindrances, it is up to you to define the way out.

Output is on view at FRANCHISE in LA until October 9.

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977 King Chung Road
Los Angeles, California 90012


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