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The Santa Clarita Artists’ Association announces a new solo exhibition featuring Samantha Martindale, which will run September 30 through October 9, 2022, with a reception September 30, 5-8 p.m., at 22508 Sixth Street in Newhall .

“In this series, ‘Reviving the Undesirable,’ I took a children’s toy that was once beloved by collectors and turned it into inspiration for my artwork,” Martindale said. “Including the Beanie Baby in the artwork allows the viewer to interact with the painting. Each piece I create is unique to each Beanie Baby. I have created a home to display the Beanie Baby in. The Beanie Babies conjure up fond memories when you think about them. They remind you of either playing with them as a kid or collecting them with a loved one. Who said Beanie Babies were just for kids?

Martindale usually draws in ink and paints in watercolors, but in this exhibition she painted in acrylics because it was on wood and each one is in a shadow box.

She had a few works of art at Mc Groarty Art and Descanso Garden, but never had a solo exhibition until now. She graduated from CSUN with a BA in Art with a concentration in Illustration.

“I’ve always wanted to be an artist, ever since I was little. I’m excited to start my artistic career,” Martindale said. “As an artist, we struggle to know what to paint. Finding inspirations of Beanie Babies is what got this project off the ground. Now that Beanie Babies aren’t loved like they used to be, it’s hard to find good homes for them. Bring back your childhood by stopping by the gallery.”

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