Public art projects that strengthen community pride in La Ronge


This community art project ended Sunday in La Ronge. (Derek Cornet / larongeNOW staff)

Through Derek Cornet


Sep 28, 2021 | 5:00 p.m.

Organizers hope that two new public art projects at La Ronge will contribute to a sense of community pride.

On Sunday, more than 70 residents gathered to paint dozens of beaded flowers on a retaining wall in front of the Conexus Credit Union. It was made possible thanks to a grant from the Town of La Ronge and volunteers from the Conseil des arts de La Ronge.

“The idea was to make it look like beadwork with the little dots and the flower pattern,” said Alexis Reichert, arts council member. “Andrea Cowan and I traced the pattern in chalk and painted the background black, and then we invited people to come over and create all the colored dots in the pattern we drew.”

Reichert noted that she was impressed with the participation, adding that they had to paint more flowers as the project was completed faster than they thought. She said the idea was to involve as many people as possible, so that local residents felt a sense of ownership over the work.


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