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The plethora of artwork inside the Gulf Coast Museum gallery runs the gamut from portraiture, to still life, fashionable to traditional and everything in between.

The art hangs in the Museum and will be on display until March 18, director Tom Neal said.

The judging of the 2022 Gulf Coast Museum’s 7th Annual Community Art Competition was made last week at a special ceremony.

Neal walked across the room noting the various works of art and the talent of the youngsters.

“A 16-year-old did this,” Neal said, pointing to a piece. “What does the future hold? It makes you wonder.

In another area of ​​the museum were Reneè Gordon and Barry Gordon from Philadelphia. The couple visited Galveston and Houston and wanted to stop over in Port Arthur to learn more about Janis Joplin.

Reneè Gordon was lucky enough to see Janis Joplin of Port Arthur live about a week before Woodstock.

She said her mother told her she was too young for Woodstock, but loved the music at the Atlantic City pop festival she attended.

She recalled Janis on stage drinking a bottle of Southern Comfort.

“She was very small. I mean tiny,” Reneè pointed out. “Which really overwhelmed me. I guess because of his voice and his pictures,” she said.

Between songs, Janis would walk to the edge of the stage and drink some more alcohol, she said.

The Museum is located at 700 Procter St., Port Arthur.

The works of the winners of the community art contest will be on display until March 18.

For more information, call 409-982-7000.

Art Contest Winners:


1st. Malcolm Calvin Carter – “Evening Glow” Lakota Women

2nd Michelle MacMahon – “Athena’s Owl”

3rd Chris Presley & Jennifer Robin – Louis XIV

Honorable Mention – JC Milich x 2, Kimberly Brown, Shawna Hunter, Justin Vega, Alice Powell, Sheri Callahan, Ines Alvidres, Sherry Tiger-Landry


1st Bush Enjolo – Escape 3d

2nd Zhane Prudhomme – BlueZ

3rd Enjoli Bush – Again

Honorable Mention – Mari Hartman, Mo’e Dantoni, Darlyne Hartman


1st Joseph Reho – Jenny

2nd Paul N. Gennusa III – Stable

3rd Daniel Bowden – “I’m Not A Bee, I’m A Hover”

Honorable Mention – Jerome Cabeen, Rhett Williford, Jerry Connally, Robert Vela, Linda Guillory

TEEN (13-18)

1st Kylun Girolamo – The Climb (BEST OF SHOW)

2nd Tressaly Ochoa – gay dog

3rd Ava Arnaud – Pennywise

Jury Prize – J’Dynne Illa-Postel

Honorable Mention – Zachary Perez, Alissa Osburne, Kayin Landry, Keaton Colichia, Chelsea Broadus

Curator’s Honorable Mention – Jay Calcote

CHILDREN (12 and under)

1st Zoey Odom – Rainbow

2nd Isabel Tindall – Tahlulah

3rd Malcolm Austin Carter – Sea Scorpion in a Pinch

Honorable Mention – Sam Bryant, Jocelyn Presco


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