“Paper, Wind, Water” explored in its transformative and dimensional form


July 2, 2022, 8:31 a.m. HST
* Updated July 1, 1:18 p.m.

New York artist Wes Bruce returns to Maui to present an immersive installation in an exhibition titled “Paper Wind Water” at the Schafer International Gallery that opens July 5 and runs through August 20.

A group of accomplished artists from Hawaii and other states will exhibit their works in Maui, exploring the concepts of water and wind through paper.

The “Paper Water Wind” exhibition takes place at the Schaefer International Gallery at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center from July 5 to August 20. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free entry.

The exhibition demonstrates the many iterations of paper beyond its framed art form, altering its properties in multidimensional and transformational installations.

One of the artists building an immersive installation is Wes Bruce who will be the artist-in-residence for the exhibition.

A multi-practice artist, educator, poet and designer, Bruce is known for his large-scale site-specific installations, including his memorable 2013 MACC exhibition, “Taken by Wonder”.


For the 2022 exhibition, Bruce will build an immersive installation and lead a series of workshops for adults and students called “Confluence: The Healing Depths of Water, People & Language”.


Other artists include:

  • Maui’s Zenobia Lakdawalla who uses printmaking processes to layer meticulous patterns onto sheets of paper, which she then reworks into prints and dimensional shapes, embodying the suspended movements of wind or water.
Oahu artist Deborah Nehmad and Wisconsin artist Erin McAdams collaborated to create ink drawings, then translated them into photoetched prints to explore the concept of “contact.”
  • Erin McAdams of Wisconsin and Deborah Nehmad of O’ahu who collaborated using the waters of their respective localities to create ink drawings and then translating them into photoetched prints that explore how the idea of ​​”contact” can involve both the meeting of materials and the exchange of two artists.
  • O’ahu artist Janetta Napp who seeks to render the invisible, embodying the energy of the wind as it passes through a grove of endemic lapalapa trees, which she depicts through drawings and hanging tree shapes .
A slender formation of kites created by master printmaker Koichi Yamamoto will be on display at the Schaefer International Gallery.
  • Master printmaker Koichi Yamamoto from Tennessee will exhibit a hovering formation of kites made from printed engravings and accompanied by transparent monotypes evoking ocean waters.
  • Keith Yurdana of O’ahu creates meticulous and intricate designs that adapt elements of scientific illustration to biomorphic water-like beings.

This exhibit is presented by the Maui Arts & Cultural Center and sponsored in part by the Maui County – Office of Economic Development and the Hawaii Tourism Authority through the Community Enrichment Program.
For more information, call the Schaefer International Gallery, 808-243-4288.

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