Opening of the artistic season centered on a 15-minute circle of community life


Ti Gong

A newly developed centennial park, renovated from an old wet market, in the community of Caoyang in the district of Putuo.

The Shanghai Biennial Urban Space Art Season opened in downtown Changning on Saturday.

It aims to share the city’s practices in building “15-minute community life circles” with the world.

The Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2021, the third session since its launch in 2015, is open to the public for free at the main site of Columbia Circle, a century-old refurbished site of the Shanghai Institute of Biologics, once the main base city of vaccine production.

Art exhibitions, seminars and other public activities will be held in several communities, such as Xinhua and Caoyang, until the end of November under the theme “15-minute community life circle: the city of the people”.

Artists from across the country have been invited to create art installations or conduct micro-redesign projects in communities to showcase community services and convenient public facilities.

The key exhibit will be held at Columbia Circle on Yan’an Road W., while 21 model neighborhoods across the city’s 14 districts will host the remainder of the events.

Opening of the artistic season centered on a 15-minute circle of community life

Ti Gong

An art installation in Haishen village in Pudong.

Shanghai launched the idea of ​​building a “15-minute community life circle” in 2014 and noted the concept in its master plan for 2035. Within a 15-minute walk, citizens are expected to have access to various services related to life, work, study, travel and senior care.

“Practices in Shanghai and other Chinese cities have offered a new measure of ‘people-centered’ urban regeneration,” said Zhuang Shaoqin, vice minister of China’s Ministry of Natural Resources.

“Chinese method and wisdom should positively influence the world’s future urban lifestyle and development as well as improve social governance,” Zhuang said at the opening ceremony of the event.

The Caoyang community in Putuo District, known as China’s first worker community dating back to the 1950s, as well as the Xinhua Road sub-district around the historic road in Changning District, were listed as two cases. demonstration for the Shanghai 15-minute circle of community life plan. .

Locals and tourists can learn about the practices of model communities by touring neighborhoods, admiring community artwork, and chatting with residents.

The city’s previous urban space art seasons have been held at former industrial sites, including the Huangpu River waterfront in Yangpu District, a refurbished aircraft hangar, and a former silo at grains which was once the largest in Asia. This is the first time that the arts season has moved to the community level.

Opening of the artistic season centered on a 15-minute circle of community life

Ti Gong

Graffiti art on an old building in the Siping community in the Yangpu district.


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