Opening of an art exhibition in Darjeeling



Event organized in the city of the hill after 12 years

Vivek Chhetri



Posted on 10.26.21, 02:29 AM

A large art exhibition was staged on Monday after a 12-year hiatus in Darjeeling.

The 2021 annual art exhibition organized by the Himalayan Art Academy in association with Sahitya Kala Prakostha, Darjeeling, was opened to the public at Himalayan Kala Mandir here on Monday. The exhibition will continue until October 30.

“A great art exhibition is being held in Darjeeling after 12 years,” said Hemu Rai, president of the Himalayan Art Academy, an organization of artists from the region.

Hill artists attributed the irregularity of such events to the lack of a gallery and lack of patronage.

They said the city once had three exhibitions a year.

“For decades we have been asking governments to create an art gallery in the city. In the absence of a gallery, our artists are forced to stack their works in their homes, which is discouraging, ”said Rai.

“We don’t have a gallery, we don’t have an art school, forget the art schools. Art materials are not readily available here and there is no institutional support. Governments distribute money to organize pujas, football tournaments, music events and other activities, but we have not received a dime to organize exhibitions, ”said Rai.

“This year we have received support from Bharatiya Gorkha Prajantrantik Morcha,” said Rai.

Fifty-one artists presented 173 exhibitions at the event.



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