New multidisciplinary art exhibition seeks to stimulate creativity



Wavelengths, encaustic, marbled paper and mixed media, 10 × 8 ”2020, by Bev Goldie in collaboration with Ann Alaia Woods. Credit: Courtesy of Bev Goldie

Creativity knows no bounds at “The Language of Creativity”, the latest art exhibition on display at the Dublin Arts Center until October 29th.

The exhibit, which opened on September 21, features the works of 24 members of the Central Ohio branch of the National League of American Pen Women, a community of artists, writers and artists from the spectacle. Dawn Petrill, exhibition coordinator and artist in the league, said the exhibition is unique in the way it brings together artists specializing in many different mediums – including painting, music, spoken word , sculpture, writing and photography – in a creative collaboration. .

“We chose the title ‘The Language of Creativity’ because we all come with different languages, different ways of doing our creativity, and we have different ways of expressing it,” said Petril. “We wanted to celebrate our own specific expressions, but there is also a lot of creative collaboration involved.”

Petrill said several of the performers, including herself, have chosen to collaborate across multiple disciplines with other league members, resulting in a diverse show that guests can engage in in a number of ways.

One of the show’s many group collaborations is based on the popular nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle” and features artwork, poem and pieces written by musicians, Petrill said. In another collaboration, Petrill said she printed the words from a poem by a League writer and incorporated them into her painting.

“We wanted to have a spirit of collaboration and, you know, to work together and share our own voices, but also to come together,” said Petrill. “You could create something that isn’t necessarily what you normally would, so it kind of makes you stretch a bit. “

The exhibition is organized by the Dublin Arts Council, an organization driven by its mission to engage its community, cultivate creativity and foster lifelong learning through the arts, said David Guion, executive director of the board. He said the board chose to present “The Language of Creativity” in part because of its multidisciplinary nature.

“I was really impressed with how they were able to weave together different disciplines and have cohesive exposure,” Guion said.

The exhibit features virtual items in addition to in-person items, such as an online gallery tour available on the council’s website website, which Guion says improves accessibility for those who might not feel comfortable visiting the exhibit in person.

“We’re trying to provide different avenues of visualization and get that deep engagement through a few different lenses,” Guion said.

Guion said he hoped the exhibition would serve not only to celebrate local artists, but also to enable the council to continue to give women a voice in the arts.

“I think this exhibition, to a small extent, addresses the importance of women in the art world, as they are not always recognized as making a contribution or as important as maybe a white man,” said Guion said. “I think it’s just a real pleasure to have this performance.”

Petrill echoed Guion when she said the exhibit is made even more unique by the fact that it was created by professional women.

“We also celebrate our diverse voices as women, and you know, kind of carrying on that tradition of speaking for ourselves,” said Petrill.

She said she hoped “The Language of Creativity” would get viewers to reflect on their own creativity.

“I always hope that when someone sees something, you know, a piece of art or any kind of creative medium, it sparks ideas in their own mind and makes them think, ‘How could I do it differently? Said Perille.

“The Language of Creativity” is on display at the Dublin Arts Center, located at 7125 Riverside Drive. Entrance is free, but appointments are required. More information on the exhibition Web page.



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