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New installation of Senior Action, courses helping promote healthy lifestyles

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Seeing the need to help seniors stay involved and active, Andrea Smith has created a new fine arts program that allows people to have a place to express themselves through various artistic outlets. Senior Action has a new facility with more space and classes aimed at building community and helping participants stay healthy.

“I really feel like we as a culture are investing a lot of energy and money to cultivate the arts with young people. And this is kind of an area, for me personally, that I miss. . Once you hit a certain age, you really don’t have a place to go to train for class, and again just to create a community with other friends who share the same interests as you. Said Smith, who is executive director and CEO of Senior Action.

Senior Action began in 1967 when the community of Greenville expressed the need for programs and services for seniors.

In the 1990s, Senior Action partnered with other nonprofit groups to expand its services and opened four outreach sites to serve seniors closer to their homes and neighborhoods. Those sites have moved to eight nearby locations today, according to the group’s website.

Smith said the group was small due to the size of its old facility, but with its new location, more opportunities are now available.

“There was a lot more untapped potential that we really didn’t have access to. When we moved into this new building, we finally had the opportunity to expand our fine arts programs. My belief was that I really wanted us to see what we can do to cultivate original works of art, ”Smith said.

One of the new courses offered is the Alexander Technique with Fine Arts Coordinator Naina Dewan. This class is a therapeutic movement method that improves posture, balance, balance, ease and lightness of movement. Some of the members are beginners, while others tried the one-class workshop on a trial basis before registering for the full 12-week fall semester course.

“At first I joined the class out of curiosity, but when I got here it helps the body flow because I’m a dancer,” said Anne Melican.

Alice Abercrombie added: “This is my first time attending the course because my back hurts, but just around the time I was here I was able to stand better and better myself. sit without pain. “

One of the courses that has grown in popularity is the Intermediate Ukulele course led by Laurie Gentry, a volunteer facilitator.

Don Carson said that although his wife is very musical and he isn’t, they joined this class because they thought it would be fun.

“I’m learning something new,” he said. “There is something for everyone.”

Senior Action has also launched a new program, where you can choose from multiple classes ranging from arts, dance or even music for 12 weeks.

You can see a full list of courses offered and programs for the fall here.

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