New Horizons player wows the community with her awesome bottled message art


The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community is well known for its penchant for achieving impressive creations both in and out of the game. Fans of the game love to include the beloved title in all aspects of their lives and never seem can’t forget Nintendo’s life simulation title.

This also seemed to be the case with Animal Crossing Redditor u/JenRains, who recently took to the title subreddit to share his New Horizons creation with a pot of sea salt.

This clever reuse of the jar left the community in awe and applauded the user’s creativity.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons player turns an empty sea salt jar into a message bottle

Message Bottles are often very useful in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as players can often get different types of DIY recipes from the same one. That’s exactly what the Reddit user wanted to replicate with his creation, as he included a DIY recipe card inside the pot of sea salt, resembling the DIY cards players in New Horizons can get in the game.

However, on the recipe side of the map, the Redditor included some writing that most New Horizons players hope they never have to see.

“You already know this recipe.

Duplicate recipes have been collectively stated as one of the most annoying things in New Horizons and spoil the mood of any player who receives them. Unfortunately, they are undeniably part of the game.

The game’s subreddit came together to appreciate his art, but also used the post to share his collective frustration over duplicate recipes in the game.

Other players appreciated the Reddit user’s creativity in turning a jar of sea salt into a New Horizons-inspired message bottle.

The New Horizons community is well known for sharing their creativity within the community. Players are not limited to simply creating items, but also extending it into the cosplay universe. Many New Horizons enthusiasts have come up with impeccable cosplay designs over the years that have left the community in awe.

Likewise, Reddit user u/JenRains’ bottle of post in a jar of sea salt is just one example of the massive creativity the New Horizons community demonstrates on a daily basis.

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