New art exhibit at Alnwick Museum sheds light on environmental concerns



Resurrection by José Snook.  Photo: José Snook
Resurrection by José Snook. Photo: José Snook

In Memoriam is an exhibition of José’s new work, produced in response to the current environmental crisis and the mass extinction of animal and plant species.

The exhibition is in two parts. “Resurrection” is a series of beautiful haunting photographs of solitary animals suspended in ice, oblivious to their predicament.

The work seeks to draw attention to endangered mammal species and the causes of their loss, and the role that frozen zoos can play in the conservation of animal species.

Jose Snook’s new exhibit seeks to draw attention to endangered species.

‘Imposters’ is a series of deceptively vintage photographs evocative of replicas of plants and animals, which are exhibited alongside selected artificial and organic plant and animal specimens. The trick is to spot those who are the impostors.

The work explores the replacement of lost plant and animal species with synthetic replicas and is inspired by an event that occurred in the Lake District in 2007: daffodils bloomed too early for the tourist season, for avoid disappointing visitors a holiday park planted with hundreds of artificial daffodil plants.

Jose’s work focuses on environmental issues.

She said: “Over the years, I have become increasingly concerned that human faith in science means that we are not taking immediate action to prevent an ecological disaster. There seems to be a belief that at some point science will reverse the damage caused by climate change and ecological disasters.

“We keep kicking the box on the road, I desperately hope COP 26 will change that. “

Jean Humphrys, Chairman of the Board, said: “We are delighted to welcome this new exhibition from Jose. His images are always exquisite: it takes him many hours to create using a variety of processes and techniques.

“Her themes, as always, are very topical – she explores the climate crisis and the ongoing 6th mass extinction of species in her unique and evocative style. The images are both stunning and thought-provoking and draw attention to the future of our planet. “

In Memoriam runs from October 12 to November 28. Bailiffgate is open Tuesday through Sunday: adults £ 4; Reduced rate £ 3; Children 5-16 £ 1; Free for children younger than 5 years old ; Free friends.

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