My City – Alfresco’s annual art exhibition on view


Photo credit: FB de Shyam K Shrestha & Raj K Maharjan


In total, the collective exhibition of 28 artists “Alfresco Art Exhibition 2021” started on October 2 at the Nepal Art Council, Babermahal.

The exhibition is organized by Alfresco Media and Event Management Pvt Ltd and this is the 10th edition. It features a total of 56 paintings, including contemporary Paubha, Paubha, modern / traditional and other forms of artwork.

The annual art exhibition aims to be an open platform for artists and showcases works by young artists to older artists. Moreover, the main theme of the exhibition is to promote young artists and create a market for them, which would also help to bridge the generation gap and improve the internal and external tourism of the nation by promoting the Nepalese art, culture and heritage through Painting.

The event was opened by Kishore Maharjan, president of Star Hospital, where he mentioned that artists should be self-sufficient and he added: in the field of art.

Additionally, Alfresco Media and Event Management Pvt Ltd President Shyam K Shrestha shared his vision of creating an ecosystem to support artists by selling their works. He said he would continue working with establishing an art village to support his vision.

The paintings on display at the exhibition cost from Rs 10,000 to Rs 350,000. The exhibition will continue until October 10th.

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