Maui Art Gallery Owners Locate Lost Wax Sculpture, Which Has Been Kept in Private Collector’s Vault for Over 40 Years


Harte International Galleries announces the discovery of a long-lost wax sculpture by the late Salvador Dalí

MAUI, Hawaii, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Harte International Galleries, an art gallery specializing in rare museum-quality masterpieces, has discovered a long-lost wax sculpture of the late Salvador Dalí. Created in 1979, the wax sculpture served as a model for an edition of bas-reliefs entitled “Christ of Saint John of the Cross”..“Previously thought to be lost in the process of reproduction, the work turned out to be in private storage for over four decades.

Preserving the original wax sculpture used to create bas-reliefs in platinum, gold, silver and bronze is incredibly difficult, which is why most believed that the original wax, created by Dalí’s own hands, was lost. in the process – hence the term “lost wax.” This unpublished sculpture was discovered and then acquired by the co-owners of Harte International Galleries Glenn and Devon Hart from a private art collector who stored the sculpture in the original Plexiglas box that Dalí had used to contain the work when it was created. “Cire Perdue” is rated between $10 for $20 million.

“Harte International Galleries has sold a number of bas-relief sculptures of the ‘Christ of St. John of the Cross’ throughout our history, but no one believed that the original work – made by Dalí senior in wax – still existed,” said Glenn Hartco-owner of Harte International Galleries.

Harte International Galleries has worked with Nicolas Descharnes, the most recognized Dalí expert and the ultimate authority on many major auction houses. Descharnes’ father, the famous Robert Descharnes, was Salvador Dalí’s secretary until his death. For more than 40 years, the Descharnes family has fought to protect Dalí’s legacy from fakes and counterfeits. Located in Tours, FranceDescharnes worked with a world renowned iconographic expert Carlos Evaristo for the authentication of the sculpture.

“Following the discovery of the Cire Perdue, Galeries Harte met Descharnes and Evaristo in Avila, Spainwhere Saint John of Spaina 14and Monk of the Century, was inspired to draw the first impression of Christ on the cross from a heavenly view,” Harte said. “Evaristo was passionate about the sculpture being a three-dimensional representation of the evolution of crucifixion of Christ and was therefore given the same name as the most important religious work Dalí ever created, “The Christ of Saint John of the Cross”, which was painted in 1951, 28 years before the sculpture was cast. This painting now hangs in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasow, Scotland.”

Never seen before, Harte International Galleries plans to share the “Lost Wax” with the public, so that art and history enthusiasts can discover this remarkable work of art.

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