Mary Bethune Alternative School Hosts “The Art of Kindness” Exhibit


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) – Students and teachers at Mary Bethune Alternative School have created works of art for public display.

“What we did was…we got a grant earlier this year, a kindness grant. And, so, we do activities to show kindness. We try to teach our students how to be nice,” Denise Smalley said.

Smalley is the school counselor. She helped organize the Art of Kindness exhibit with the students.

“These are all original works that our kids have done and we’re just giving them a chance to let loose and be free, and just share…really share their gifts with the world,” Smalley said.

For some, the exhibition was a pleasant surprise.

“When I got here, you know, I had a treat, they were like… ‘our art expedition, it’s an exhibition, you know, you can come down to see it’ and I was like, oh my god, I would love it. And that’s how I ended up here in the exhibit,” Lashanda Champagne said.

Champagne says when she walked in and saw the artwork, she was amazed.

“The raw talent of these students and staff, I mean, it was absolutely amazing. I mean, it was so much creativity, but all I’m saying here is absolutely amazing. It’s gorgeous,” Champagne said.

Smalley says some of the children were afraid to be in the exhibit because they are not professional artists

“What we try to teach our children, don’t be afraid. It’s always good to try something different or uncomfortable. And it always works out in the end,” Smalley said.

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