‘Look Thru My Eyes: A DMX Story’ Art Exhibit Is Coming to Yonkers This Fall


The Municipal Housing Authority of Yonkers (MHACY) and Philipse Manor Hall (PMH) have partnered with Yonkers Arts to host an exhibit honoring the late Earl Simmons, also known as DMX in September. The title of the exhibition, “Look Thru My Eyes: a DMX Story” will be part of the grand reopening of Philipse
Manor Hall and it will be the first time the Friends of PMH will bring a popular history topic to their audience.

“Look Thru My Eyes: a DMX Story” is an introspective look into the life of DMX artist and man Earl Simmons. Explore his triumphs and struggles in Yonkers, from childhood to glory days and tragic end. The exhibition is a time capsule that spans multiple mediums that showcase the complexities of Earl Simmons, through the eyes of friends, family and those who lived it with him.

The exhibition will be co-curated by Ray Wilcox of Yonkers Arts with curation and creative support from Raissa Fitzgerald and Wilson Kimball of MHACY. PMH will be the first to present a collection of never-before-seen images of the Yonkers icon, the places he frequented and the millions of people his voice touched. “Look Thru My Eyes: a DMX Story” is a humanistic appreciation of what Earl Simmons, aka DMX, meant to the culture, hip hop music, and city of Yonkers.

“The exhibition is designed to create dialogue and interpersonal conversations about what Earl the Man and DMX the Artist meant to each of us. Look Thru My Eyes, puts the viewer in a position to experience life’s moments from DMX; from Yonkers to Hollywood,” says Ray Wilcox. “We’ve all felt the voice and impact of ‘X in different ways. I just try to spark conversation starters that connect us all based on the visual references presented. »

DMX grew up in housing estates in Yonkers against a backdrop of the crack and AIDS epidemic. Urban centers like Yonkers and public housing like MHACY in the 1980s were collapsing with few opportunities for bright young black men. Wilson Kimball, CEO of MHACY said, “DMX was born from these ashes. Throughout his tragically short career, he was a poet, truth-teller, artist, musician, actor, writer, father, husband and son.

See portraits and images from some of the hottest photographers, like Yonkers-based celebrity and lifestyle photographer Shareif Ziyadat, who has captured many key DMX moments throughout his career. Media and graphics support will be provided by Def Jam. Fashion references, advertisements and samples provided by Timbaland.

And much more. The exhibition also provides an opportunity for local artists to submit their best representations of DMX and what it meant to them. This call for art will expire on Monday, August 15.
Earl Simmons better known as DMX (“Dark Man X”), was a Yonkers-bred rapper and actor. He was the first artist to launch an album at No. 1 five times in a row on the Billboard 200 charts. Overall, DMX has sold over 74 million records worldwide. DMX died on April 9, 2021, from a drug-related heart attack.

“Look Thru My Eyes: a DMX Story” is brought to you by the NYS Parks Department, Friends of Philipse Manor Hall, Municipal Housing Authority and Yonkers Arts.

Yonkers Arts was founded in 2007 by a group of community leaders who saw the need for a whole
encompassing arts organization for a city the size of Yonkers. The founding board was made up of community leaders from across Yonkers. The mission of Yonkers Arts is to develop a strong, effective and cooperative network of artists, cultural organizations and community members to promote and encourage the arts in the city of Yonkers. For more information, visit: www.yonkersarts.org


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