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There’s art all over South Florida this week, but heads turn when they see an artist you think is far too young to be on the big stage. Some of his works are bigger than him.

Ten-year-old contemporary artist Andres Valencia’s gallery has already almost sold out at Art Miami. The San Diego-based artist simply saw a cubist painting in his living room two years ago and said, “I can do it.”

Actress Sophia Vergara bought one of her pieces this week and Channing Tatum, Jordan Belfort and artist Shepard Fairey stopped by her booth at the Miami Art Basel fair to check out her work, according to a spokesperson for Chase. Contemporary.

Valencia can’t say enough about the fun he has during his time at Art Miami. Andres told sister station NBC 7 in Miami that, while standing in his Art Miami exhibit, he was first drawn to the artwork from his San Diego home.

“There was paint in our living room, I tried to copy it and finally got it,” Valencia said.

Andres Valencia, 10, is not like most children his age. He has his own exhibition during Art Basel in Miami and has a secret room he will unveil this week.

His parents brought him over from California so that art lovers around the world could see his designs. He started painting six years ago.

“It was like when I was 4,” he said.

Art Miami Director Nick Korniloff said some customers are really surprised when they see the artist whose works they admire.

“They are just in shock. I have brought in so many great gallery owners who represent artists. I mean, artists like even Picasso, some of the great Cubist artists and they come to the booth and say there’s no way it’s a 10 year old boy, and believe it or not there’s work in there when he’s 8, ”Korniloff said.

Andres’ mom and dad say they detected early on that he just had a knack for it.

Her father, Guadulupe Valencia, takes everything into account when potential buyers come to take a look.

“It’s pretty amazing, you know, I’m really happy and proud, nervous; all because you know my son is only 10 years old, ”the elder Valencia told us.

His son’s most beloved piece is the one with a pointy green jacket worn by a character he created.

“This one is my favorite and his name is Lucky and I was inspired by an artist named Giglioni,” Andres said.

A portion of the profits from Andres’ work will be donated to the Perry Cohen Foundation, the foundation created by Korniloff to honor his son who died in a nautical tragedy as a teenager. To support the foundation Click here.

The pressure will be on Andres on Saturday when he premieres one of his plays live. He won’t say exactly what he’s going to do. It will remain a secret until then.

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