‘Jerusalem Post’ and Yoffi to present ‘Yoffi shel Israel’ art exhibition



A special art exhibition – “Yoffi shel Israel, the beauty of Israel” – featuring the works of 36 Israeli artists of Soviet origin will be launched at the Skizza Gallery on October 20. The exhibition, which will be open to the public, is supported by Russian-Israeli businessman Roman Abramovich is a joint venture of Yoffi with the Jerusalem Post.

Yoffi is a family business that produces and markets Israeli food souvenirs sold in Israel and around the world, including tehina, honey, dates, nuts, halvah, herbal teas, olive oil, and more. .

Russian-born entrepreneur Arkady Mayofis founded Yoffi in 2015 after making his alyah in Israel the same year. The word “Yoffi” means “beauty” in Hebrew and is part of the family name. In recent years, the company has expanded its product line and produced and also sells colorful postcards from Israel. Yoffi commissioned leading artists who made their alyah from the former Soviet Union (FSU) to create different sets, and today the company sells five different postcard sets, each containing twelve colorful postcards that combine ancient and modern scenes from the Land of Israel, including designs from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and much more.

Yoffi decided to share the work with the public and organized the exhibition. The postcards reflect artists’ perspectives on Israel, including depictions of local figures, historic landmarks and breathtaking landscapes, as well as the marvels of advancement in high technology.

The Skizza Gallery, located opposite the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem at Derech Hebron 12, was founded 15 years ago and is an important center of cultural life for Russian-speaking Israelis. The gallery exhibits artists who made their aliya from the countries of the former Soviet Union and who unite Jewish and universal values ​​in their creative work.

“Make tasty things beautiful” is the motto of Yoffi’s company. Arkady Mayofis and his family have not only succeeded in making Israel’s food attractive, but also made the land of Israel more attractive, with their series of Israeli postcards and the opening “Yoffi shel Israel” exhibition. October 20 at the Skizza gallery. in Jerusalem. The exhibition will run until November 15.

This article was written in collaboration with Yoffi.



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