Inland Bays Garden Center gallery showcases local artists in July


Visitors to the Inland Bays Garden Center in Frankford can observe coastal wildlife woven through the camera lens, glass and artifacts found by three creative artists who bring the natural beauty in the gallery to life during the month of July.

Ken Arni began photographing wildlife in retirement when he moved to Delaware. He said it had become apparent that he needed to bring a camera in a kayak, and now his favorite place for nature viewing is in the inland bays along the east coast of the Delmarva Peninsula. His wife’s garden and surrounding salt marsh near his own backyard on Little Assawoman Bay also provide wildlife habitat with food from native wax myrtle, eastern red cedar, and loblolly pines.

Peter Gibson grew up in Michigan and moved with his wife Kathy to Maryland in 1973 for a job with the National Ocean Service. That winter, he took an adult education course in stained glass crafts. He quickly became addicted and began a long period of participating in workshops, learning, trying new things, and creating projects for family and friends.

In 2008, Gibson retired from the federal government and, as a retirement gift, purchased a furnace to begin working with molten glass. In 2017, he began teaching fused glass courses at the Art League of Ocean City.

Lisa Scarbath is a self-taught mosaicist who creates custom wall art, decor, furniture and portraits. His art is diverse; she likes being able to choose the materials to work with based on the finished project she envisions.

Scarbath can go from cutting colorful stained glass for lifelike animal portraits or vintage wooden window scenes to cutting slate for an abstract and more organic project. Recycling broken plates, bowls or other ceramics presents challenges of color, shape and density when transforming them into alternative compositions.

She uses found objects such as watch parts, jewelry, toy parts, charms and other small pieces to create mosaic bouquets or themed 3D creatures such as blue crabs, starfish. , horseshoe crabs, turtles and hermit crabs. Scarbath’s art ranges from realistic to abstract, functional, meaningful, stimulating, or just plain fun. His goal is to provide viewers with something new to see every time they watch one of his finished pieces.

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