In Buxton there is a new mural in town

Andrew at work. Photo by Kristin Hissong

A funky new mural has just been completed in Buxton at the recently refurbished Swell Gallery, which was once part of the old Falcon Motel. The Swell Gallery occupies the first part of the old motel and the new mural was commissioned by April Trueblood, the gallery’s owner.

April was in Newport News one day, fueling up, when she noticed a mural on The Contemporary Arts building. She fell in love straight away and contacted the artist, Andrew Samuel Harrison, and convinced him to come to Buxton and put his artistic mark on our island.

April Trueblood and artist Andrew Samuel Harrison, outside the Swell Gallery in Buxton.

She pointed to the south-facing wall, which shares the parking lot with adjacent Uncle Eddy’s. The mural took about two days to complete and the project was completed just before the winter storm in January.

Originally from Richmond, Andrew says he has always been an artist. He says that when he was growing up, his older brother was a very good illustrator, and Andrew would compare his drawings to his older brothers and wonder why they weren’t as good. But as he got older, Andrew realized that the way he drew – his imperfect lines – was what defined his artistic style. He was a musician for a few years, traveling around the country, but for the past two years he has focused on his art

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, where his home studio is located, he works on larger pieces because he says he has so much fun doing wall art. Besides the Newport News mural, he also has one on Atlantic Avenue in Virginia Beach, and his latest in New York, NY, on Orchid Ave.

So, next time you are in Buxton, be sure to stop by the Swell Gallery and check out this amazing work of art, which is on display for all visitors to enjoy.

Photo by Kristin Hissong
Photo by Kristin Hissong


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