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Looking for art in the Savannah area? Do not go further. Here is our list of exhibitions, galleries and museums. Send content to [email protected]

Ephemeral bodies: eternal souls: Oct 5 Nov 5 7, Sulfur Studios, 2301 Bull St. Sinéad Hornak is Sulfur Studios ON :: View Artist in Residence. Focus on the bodily confinement of the human soul, documenting the gradual decomposition of our bodies into a fleeting and abstract state.

Hornak will tell the soul’s path to existence through abstract collages and mixed media works in a series of book pages. Each page will be displayed individually in the window, creating a tapestry of abstract pages of collages composing this global tale of the soul escaping bodily confinement.

In-person artist talk and simulcast via @sulfurstudios IG Live: October 23 at 2:00 PM; Studio opening hours: Thursday and Sunday from noon to 5 pm; closing reception 5 pm-9pm on November 5;

Gallery lists

Submit your event to [email protected] Posted online. Events printed in chronological order according to available space. Info at 912-652-0365, leave a message. Art exhibitions practice COVID restrictions with face masks and social distancing.

Work of Benjamin Jones 1994-2020: Until December 22, Laney Contemporary, 1810 Mills B Lane Blvd .;

New sculptures, including singularly eccentric rabbits, skulls and elephants, emerged when Jones discovered stored boxes of straight pins and abandoned Styrofoam rabbit shapes that he had spared more than a decade ago. Carefully embellishing each shape with papier-mâché and colorful pins, the materials spoke to Jones as abandoned and reborn objects from his past and materials for his future, like sculptural cushions haunting us with an era-era mentality. depression or homemade Faberge eggs, they give off a sense of reuse culture needed during virus lockdown.

"Night rabbit," 2021, polystyrene, papier mache, black gesso, pins.  Work by Robert Jones: 1994-2020 at the Laney Contemporary Gallery until December 22.

The acupounded fluff of neighboring rabbits and pierced skulls appear to be protected by a layer of experience and armor.

Social distancing on the lawn and in the gallery. a personal selection of drawings and sculptures reveals the continuities of a creative life, and the links between past iconography and renewed energy.

“Organic Ephemera” by local artist José Ray: Multimedia exhibition inspired by nature until October 30 at the Grand Bohemian Gallery, The Mansion on Forsyth Park, 700 Drayton St .; free entry. Incorporates a range of media including watercolor, markers, colored pencils and ink to showcase the beauty inherent in nature’s cycles. The bright flowers serve as a pillar of the exhibition and serve as a vector for a larger message about the brevity and sanctity of life.

Jose Ray's new multimedia work on display at The Mansion on Forsyth Park's Grand Bohemian Gallery, until October 30.  Ray uses flowers as symbols for a larger message about the brevity and sanctity of life.

“Punkhouse in the Great South”: 7 p.m. October 11; book tour at Sentient Bean, 13 E Park Ave. Authors Aaron Cometbus and Scott Satterwhite using student interviews collected before the pandemic, the book describes the life of a Pensacola punk rock community living in one of the country’s oldest punkhouses – 309. Cometbus and Satterwhite’s The Presentation will offer insight into the origins of the house and the punks who made the house a home, while creating everything from music to art, and even a few businesses.

EDGE exhibition, a collaboration of Cynthia Knott and Michael Turner, presented at Sulfur Studios.

EDGE: A collaborative exhibition by Cynthia Knott & Michael Turner; from noon to 5 p.m. Thursday to Sunday until October 24; The Sulfur Studios gallery 2301 Bull St .; artists’ conference on October 16; view by appointment at; Facebook event:

A mixed media collaboration that weaves together the stories, disciplines and perspectives of Cynthia Knott and Michael Turner. The collaborative aspect of this endeavor came to life when the two artists agreed that there were no mistakes in the creation process, laying the groundwork for vision, energy and new artistic voices combined.

Altarpiece: Offering ”: until October 8, The Drive Thru Art Box at Green Truck Pub, 2430 Habersham St. A scalable installation specific to the Troy Wandzel site. Happy Hour Artist Talk at Drive Thru Art Box: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., September 23;; Facebook event: Initially a portrait painter focusing on painting from nature, Wandzel transformed his work into sculpture that attempts to discuss the absence of color and understand how light affects form.

"Altarpiece: Offering," one in a series, by Troy Wandzel at The Drive Thru Art Box at Green Truck Pup.

“White Wig” by Mehryl Levisse: until December 12 at the SCAD Museum of Art, Levisse’s multifaceted practice explores notions of subjectivity and identity linked to the queer experience. Using gender-related symbols and images associated with pageantry, masquerade and cabaret, the artist produces an extravagant visual language that questions commonly accepted conceptions of masculinity and femininity. Levisse’s performances and installations act as stages on which the genre is remixed and obscured. As master of ceremonies, the artist orchestrates the space to question the limits of the body and the societal codes that constitute our behavior.

Using gendered symbols and images associated with pageantry, masquerade and cabaret, Mehryl Levisse produces an extravagant visual language that questions commonly accepted conceptions of masculinity and femininity.  At SCAD MOA.

Museum of African Art of the Savannah: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday, 201 E. 37th St.; Tours to West African galleries begin hourly, with the first visit starting at 11am, the last visit at 4pm. last visit at 3:30 p.m. Masks are mandatory for all visitors and staff inside the museum. Admission fee; gifts appreciated;

In progress

ARTS South East: New non-profit organization with a mission to make Savannah an arts and cultural destination in the Southeast by supporting established and emerging artists and engaging a diverse community with programming that builds awareness and appreciation of the arts. Sulfur Studios is the flagship program. The executive director is Emily Earl.

Irritable Pelican Craftsman Gallery: 10 am-4pm; 802 1st St., Tybee Island;



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