Gwangju Art Fair Explores Metaverse Exhibit For The First Time


Gwangju International Art Fair 2021 (GIAF Committee)

The 2021 Gwangju International Art Fair opened on Thursday with artists based in the city, including a metaverse exhibit, to help them promote works of art virtually and in person amid growing interest in the city. public for art.

With 70 participating domestic and foreign galleries, the city’s main art fair will take place until Sunday at the Kimdaejung Convention Center, showcasing the works of 535 artists.

With increasing attention to the art market, the annual art fair features special booths to showcase 134 Gwangju-based artists to give them the opportunity to showcase their works to the public. The six booths have been laid out with different themes and local artists will be on site to interact with visitors.

The art fair accompanies a special metaverse exhibit named ‘Beyond White Cube’, accessible through the art fair website where the works of 10 artists can be seen in the virtual space. The Metaverse exhibition was created in collaboration with MBUS421, a metaverse platform company showcasing art.

“We are experiencing many changes as we explore the virtual environment thanks to the pandemic,” said Yun Ik, director of the art fair at the Korea Herald. “The Metaverse exhibition aims to explore the possibilities of hosting art fairs in the virtual space, as we will eventually become familiar with the virtual space.”

Among the works of the art fair are masterpieces by renowned artists such as David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Takashi Murakami and Philip Colbert, Kim Whan-ki, Park Seo-bo, Kim Tschang-yeul, Lee Ufan and Lee Kun-yong. The art fair is organized by the Gwangju City Government.

By Park Yuna ([email protected])

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