Group exhibition “Home Cooking” organized by John Yau – LaiSun Keane Gallery


Crys Yin Tornadoes, 2021 acrylic on paper, wooden dowels 48 x 34 in (121.9 x 86.4 cm)
LaiSun Keane Gallery

LaiSun Keane Gallery announces Home Cooking, a group exhibition that opened on October 23, featuring 11 Asian and Asian-American artists, curated by critic and poet John Yau.

By examining issues such as the Asian diaspora, anti-Asian hatred, memory, family, and connection, Home Cooking deactivates the stereotype of Asian art as a monolith. Questions of consumption, communion and assimilation – all forms of digestion – are reflected in the works, each around the central theme of food.

The exhibition brings together a group of stylistically diverse artists as a representation of the wide range of contemporary artists of Asian descent working in the United States today. In addition to responding to the rise of anti-Asian American violence, the show is also a response to the long history of invisibility experienced by Asian American artists in the art world.

Charles Yuen Tea Dream, 2018 Oil on canvas (149.9 x 119.4 cm) inches
LaiSun Keane Gallery

“This exhibition is for me like a Chinese family dinner where adult children come together from near and far to gather in the house of their childhood to eat a delicious meal, drink copiously, remember the past, make up for lost time. and maybe engage in disagreements. Food is just an excuse for this reunion! My gallery was founded to amplify the voices of minorities, so being able to work with John Yau is a real honor. If this exhibition could have an impact on how the general public views the Asian American community and breaking stereotypes, we have, to a small extent, achieved something significant. ” – LaiSun Keane

Food and diet help define the experience of the Asian diaspora in the world. As John Yau asks in his conservation statement: “Isn’t eating a certain food a way to connect with one’s culture, to carry on a tradition, to remember a world that no longer exists and to to be transported into a moment tinged with nostalgia and filled with melancholy? , while living in a country that considers you a “foreigner?” ”

List of artists:

Susan chen

Chie fueki

Ahrong kim

Ying Li

Jiha Moon

Tammy Nguyen

Stephanie Shih

Lily wong

Mie yim

Yin is crying

Charles Yuen

Home Cooking will open on Saturday 23 October with an opening reception from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. John Yau will present a curatorial conference on Sunday, October 24 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. The exhibition will be on view at LaiSun Keane Gallery, 460C Harrison Ave C8A, Boston, Massachusetts 02118, until December 5, 2021.

A fully illustrated catalog with a conservation statement and an essay by John Yau will be available at the gallery and on request. For more information and media inquiries, please contact Kelly Vogt Campbell, Intuitive Communications, at [email protected]

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