g-lake art gallery offers scenic views of the chinese mountainous landscape


g-lake art gallery overlooks chinese lake + mountains

VHD Design Group perches the G-Lake Art Gallery along a serene side of the lake facing the picturesque Chinese mountain landscape. Breathing new life into what was once a retail building, the architects transform the structure, redefining it through distinct perspectives into a Art Gallery for the human connection. With minimal expression and a clear design language, G-Lake Art Gallery is defined by a harmonious composition of simple geometric shapes, floating white walls, discreet passageways and curved rooms. A “cloud staircase” crosses the entire structure, ascending into the courtyard and connecting the gallery to its surrounding exterior. Inviting viewers to interact with the structure and connect with nature, the spiral staircase culminates at the top of the building with a rounded vantage point overlooking the city ​​and encompassing natural landscape.

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vhd design group’s spiral “cloud staircase”

Redefining space, VHD Design Group began by approaching the function of an art museum not just as an architectural space, but primarily ‘a place of human connection’. The Chinese Architect office incorporates a grand ‘cloud staircase’, breaking up the monotony of the original structure and adding a dynamic and unifying character to the design for visitors. Winding around the courtyard and rising to cross the G-Lake Art Gallery and extending downward to its exterior, the staircase forms an iconic image in the vertical direction. The dynamic and rhythmic curvature draws the visitor’s gaze to the entrance and invites them to climb and explore, creating an infinite depth of visual effects and offering various perspectives and panoramas of the gallery itself and the surrounding landscape. At the top of the building, visitors can admire the panoramic mountain scenery and the lake from the level of the floating platform.

the spiral staircase of the g-lake art gallery by vhd design group culminates with scenic views of the chinese mountainous landscape
a staircase rises in the courtyard and connects the gallery to its surrounding exterior

define a clear and fluid design system

From landscape architecture to interior design, and from color palette to geometric shapes, the concept of VHD Design Group follows the principles of minimalism. ‘We all follow a spirit called ‘Nothing’, turning everything into geometric and white. From outside to inside, it is given a kind of ‘Clair’, so that in the era of contemporary art, it can show vocabulary and vitality without any scruples’, note the architects.

Throughout the space of the G-Lake Art Gallery, the visitor’s vision is guided by design. Curved white walls and discreet passageways connecting room to room enhance the sculptural quality of the building. Upon entering the hall, the boundaries are defined by white walls, designed with the ceiling to the floor, in which the edges are hidden. Reinforcing its integrity, its openness and its fluidity, the contours of the space fade. The architects define the gallery with a minimal interior and a simple space system. A transformation between virtual and real appears according to the multidimensional field, connecting people with art. In the absence of ornaments and embellishments, only the emotional feeling defined by artefacts and structural elements is left in light and shadow, materials and geometric structure. Everywhere, oriental elements become natural rhythms between traditional style and modern style.

the spiral staircase of the g-lake art gallery by vhd design group culminates with scenic views of the chinese mountainous landscape
the staircase culminates with a floating vantage point overlooking the natural landscape


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