Free Little Art Gallery brings color to the Council Bluffs neighborhood


“You know, food and shelter, we know those are things that people need, but the arts are just as important to creating a healthy community,” said Council Bluffs resident Elizabeth Pozzi.

Every day, Pozzi adds a bit of color and whimsy to historic Fairmount Park in Council Bluffs.

After deciding on a theme and picking out some mini artwork, she heads outside to create her little free art gallery.

“I saw someone on TikTok visiting one in Seattle, so I did some research and found that there was already some kind of network.”

Pozzi noticed a lack of galleries in the immediate area, so she brought one to her own front yard.

“I bought some Scrabble tile racks to look like the walls of the gallery shelves you’ll see inside the gallery, I got little tiny easels, I bought little tiny people to put on once in a while and tiny little rugs,” she said.

It is inspired by the Little Free Library concept with a little twist.

“I go out and set up a new exhibit every day with a theme and people can come and bring art to leave in the gallery, or if they’re not an artist but really want a pieces come out of the gallery, they can come in and just take art, they don’t have to trade,” Pozzi said.

She shares photos and videos of it every day and has amassed over 7,000 followers on TikTok.

Although the gallery is tiny, the impact is significant, and Pozzi hopes to see more on the subway.

“Ultimately, my goal is to get other people to build them as well. I really just want a bigger, stronger community of small, free art galleries in neighborhoods,” she said .

The Free Little Art Gallery is located on Glen Ave. and Pomona St.

Follow the gallery on TikTok at flagonglen. Pozzi also posts photos daily on Facebook.

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