FRANCHISE Art Basketball LA Gallery Announcement


Los Angeles might not have the biggest Chinatown, like New York or San Francisco, for example, but it’s still home to an array of boutiques, galleries, and restaurants that should be on your radar.

FRANCHISE is the latest addition to the block. Part publication, apparel brand, record label, and now art gallery, FRANCHISE has become a leading platform connecting basketball through the prism of contemporary culture.

LA is already filled with a number of museums and mega-galleries, founder opting Justin Montag to take a more niche route. “There’s no way I can compete. Who am I in this space like another standard gallery? So I think something I want to bring is a unique point of view, which is definitely the basketball element, the post element, the music element, and a retail section,” he told HYPEBEAST. .

The space will look more like a clubhouse than an art gallery – showcasing works authentic to the culture that revolves around basketball.

Opening tomorrow June 4 FRANCHISE will present a collective exhibition entitled “1° of Separation”. Curated by Devin Troy Strother, the Los Angeles-based artist will showcase his own work alongside paintings by Lucie Heirro, Andrew Kuo, Kristofferson San Pablo and much more. The opening will be accompanied by music and drinks from 5-8 p.m. PT.

In related news, HypeArt visited Justin Montag for the latest episode of Collectors.

“1° of Separation”

Lucie Heirro
Andrew Kuo
Taylor Marie Pendergast
Javiar Ramirez
Marissa Rey
Adrienne Sacks
Jonah Elijah
Tyler Morisson
Haven of Destiny Trujillo
Devin Troy Strother
Scott Tapper
Urbyn Michaels Yate
Kristofferson San Pablo
Kahim Smith


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