Filipino Creatives will organize an art exhibition in Bahrain | THE DAILY TRIBUNE


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The Daily Tribune –

Under the auspices of the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Bahrain, the Filipino Creatives group will present an art exhibition from September 18 to 29, 2022 at Harbor Gate, Bahrain Financial Harbour.

The art exhibition is titled “Beyond Measure: Reflections of Asia”. The theme of the exhibition depicts Asian arts. It aims to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship and creativity of 42 Bahrain-based visual artists hailing from East and Southeast Asian countries.

The nationalities of the participating artists are Bahraini, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Nepalese, Pakistani and Indian. Each artist will present the culture of his country through works of art.

Some works of art will highlight their successful life in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Art presentations will take the form of painting, sculpture, art installation, tapestry and digital art.

The group of artists aims to showcase the talent and craftsmanship of Asian artists and to be a source of inspiration for other artists to come here to the Kingdom. They also want to develop deeper connections and camaraderie with other artists.


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