Fairies and Trolls Return to North Liberty Recreation Trail


The enchanted residents of North Liberty are back. The 11 fairies and trolls – who city staff discovered last year and have spent the winter visiting warmer communities – have moved to the North Liberty Recreation Trial between Penn and Cherry streets, just outside east of the community center.

All are invited to visit the creature gates and reflect on the values ​​that each fairy and troll carries:

  • Fairy Able values determination and faced adversity in his life
  • Troll Zen values peace. They embody self-care and bring calm to those around them
  • Troll Boyfriend values Friendship and is a faithful friend to all
  • Fairy Rise values advocacy and encourages others to fight for what they believe in
  • Fairy Rita’s book values wisdom and guide others
  • Troll B-real values authenticity and never apologize for who they are
  • fairy and troll Phil and Ann Thropy value a service and always lend a hand in their community
  • Fairy Alice values curiosity and approaches life as one big adventurous wonderland
  • Troll Frank Lee values honesty and can’t tell and lie
  • Fairy Art values creativity and use their talents to make the community beautiful

If you feel like getting creative after visiting the doors, we invite you to:

  • Create your own gate to place in your front yard or workplace, add it to our map for others to enjoy.
  • Visit more gates that have popped up around North Liberty. This map will help you find them. Children should always be accompanied by an adult on their outings.
  • Write a short story about one of the fairies or trolls and share it with us via the online form found on the gates page, along with previously published stories.

The North Liberty Fairy Trail is part of City Slate, a compilation of the largest, free events produced by the City of North Liberty, with over 40 events scheduled for 2022. Check out the schedule at northlibertyiowa.org/cityslate. The calendar of events throughout the year is made possible by Adam Schechinger State Farm, Centro, Inc, The Eastern Iowa Airport – CID, GEICO Philanthropic Foundation, Hills Bank, MidWestOne Bank, Shive-Hattery, South Slope Cooperative, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics and Veridian Credit Union.


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