Expressión de Arte exhibition hosted by the Archdiocese of Omaha



OMAHA NEB., (KMTV) – Expressión de Arte opened at the Sunderland Gallery as part of the Cathedral Arts Project.

“Art is part of our colonial past with indigenous ingredients added. It is a collaboration with an institution of paramount importance – the Catholic Church, the Cathedral, with the parish and the community, it is so important “said Jose Garcia, executive director, Mexican American Historical Society.

The exhibition features unique pieces from local artists.

“You’ll see a bit of Mexican culture in my work. It’s to recognize and honor all those people who came before me. It’s a way of saying thank you,” said artist Linda Mary Garcia-Perez.

The main room is prominently displayed on the wall and is surrounded by others representing the essence of Latina culture.

“You don’t just show, you teach and I really believe that teaching is part of my philosophy and part of who I am as an artist,” Garcia-Perez added.

The collection is diverse with mixed-use artists telling their stories and enjoyed by strangers and relatives.

“My wife did this in the 1970s, when our son was only two and a half years old. It’s called ‘How to be a mom.’ It touches our chicanismo not just by being art, but by making art, ”Garcia continued.

Admirers appreciate art for its expression and enthusiasm for the culture of artists.

“The thing with the skulls, we’re all skeletons underneath, that’s an equalizer. It’s an ultimate truth about being human and taking that and creating this mystical, colorful and cultural truth, that amazes me. I love it, “said art lover Deirdre Evans.

More than 70 works of art are part of the exhibition. They will also set up memory tables for ancestors on October 23.

The work will be on display until November 14.

For more information visit the Cathedral Arts Project website.



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