exhibition ‘legni cuciti’ by michele de lucchi at the antonia jannone gallery


Michele de Lucchi exhibition ‘legni cuciti’ in milan

“Legni cuciti” or “sewn wood” is the latest exhibition at the antonia jannone art gallery in milan, presenting new works by architect and designer michele de lucchi. Eighteen compositions of drawings and eleven unpublished sculptures will be on display to recount de lucci’s fascination with imperfection and the value of handmade craftsmanship.

Inspired by the traditional Inuit canoe sewing method, the designer moves away from technical conventions and explores the potential of sewing wood together. the resulting pieces evoke free experimentation with raw material and celebrate “flaw” and “asymmetry” as new forms of the imaginary. ‘sputting the pieces of wood together leaves me free to work in a more intuitive way, to process the material in its original form and to build objects where the artisanal value is evident, ‘ actions of lucchi.

images © Luca Rotondo (unless otherwise stated)

celebrate geometric imperfection and asymmetry

experimenting with his new technique, de lucchi says:“Sewing wood seems like a counter-intuitive idea. Conventionally, this material is glued, interlocked and encrusted by a mechanical process to obtain perfectly matched surfaces. my new technique does not require any geometric perfection. Instead, I can closely connect pieces of different shapes, without a clear point of contact, and create a harmonious and solid composition. ‘

“Moreover, the fusion of wood with wire still punctuates this imperfect aesthetic – reminding me of old buildings, built with artisanal techniques that will always express the joy of handcraft”, concludes the designer. the exhibition ‘legni cuciti’ will take place from December 1, 2021 to February 12, 2022, at antonia jannona disegni di architettura Gallery. 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday.

legni cuciti exhibition
de lucchi sewed the pieces of wood with wire

legni cuciti exhibition
the works are inspired by the traditional sewing method of Inuit canoes

legni cuciti exhibition
each sculpture brings together imperfect pieces of wood to create a harmonious body

Michele de Lucchi's hand-sewn wood carvings honor the imperfection of manual craftsmanship
11 unpublished sculptures make up part of the exhibition

Michele de Lucchi's hand-sewn wood carvings honor the imperfection of manual craftsmanship
sketch by michele de lucchi

project information:

Name: leigni cuciti / sewn wood

artist: michele de lucchi

site: antonia jannone disegni di architettura, milan

photography: Luca Rotondo

drawing: michele de lucchi


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