Enlightenment’s Infinity Hosts First-Ever Immersive NFT Art Exhibit For Graphic Novel Franchise


Infinity des Lumières at Dubai Mall is hosting the first-ever immersive NFT art exhibition based on a Graphic Novel franchise. The exhibition at the region’s largest immersive digital art center, taking place on April 27, is a portal between the physical world and the metaverse. And the Ethereum-powered artwork of the metaverse beyond the dystopia of the “It Remains” franchise is undoubtedly the pinnacle of digital art, meaningful and thought-provoking storytelling, blockchain technology and sustainable life.

During the day, the exhibition will be open to the public and is guaranteed to be an equally memorable experience for anyone interested in contemporary art, technology or the NFT phenomenon that is reshaping countless industries. Those interested in the creation and perception of value will also find it of interest.

The evening sees the special main event, the official launch of the “It Remains” franchise, culminating in the reveal of an ultra-limited “Legendary” collection. The first such NFT project launch brings together a crowd of native entrepreneurs, collectors, investors and admirers of the NFT space. The event offers professionals, who are united by the vision of bringing value and innovation to the world, a platform to network with patrons who share the arts and technology.

“It Remains” brings together an impressive and diverse group of professionals. And they all have unique, decades-long storytelling, brand building, and business start-up experiences that allow them to contribute to the life of this mighty franchise. One of the talents who volunteered his time to complete this project and bring “It Remains” to the world includes Viacom’s vice president for Eastern Europe and a longtime Pixar art director behind chefs. -works like “Finding Nemo”, “Wall-E” and “The Incredibles.” There’s also the original author of the story and the incredible artists involved.

Directly addressing some of contemporary humanity’s most burning issues, “It Remains” is a disturbing, unforgettable and one-of-a-kind window into the world of discarded objects, plastics and, ultimately, people. With a vision as ambitious and immense as the questions it forces us to ask ourselves, “It Remains” asks us to see ourselves from the sidelines and see the relative importance of the material possessions we expect.

Infinity des Lumières is an impressive room of 2,700 square meters with 130 projectors and 58 loudspeakers. And it’s the perfect space for audiences of all ages, diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, varied appreciations for art, and varied interests to meet and connect through shared experiences.


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