Edmonds Art Beat: Calling all artists for Wreath Walk Edmonds, plus a new upcoming exhibition at the Cascadia Art Museum



Calling All Artists: Create a Wreath for Art Walk Edmonds

Last year Art Walk Edmonds started a new tradition for the downtown area. Artists decorated wreaths that were placed in display cases during the holiday season. Art Walk Edmonds continues the tradition this year and needs talented artists to design the wreaths.

Interested artists should apply by October 1 with a concept and description for a wreath (a sketch would be helpful). Applications are online here.

Wreaths should be festive but don’t have to be holiday-themed. They must, however, be family-friendly and free from political themes. Use your creativity to create your own unique design; just make sure it is not perishable.

All crowns will be 24 inches in circumference and Art Walk Edmonds (AWE) will provide the base for the crown. You can choose from a base of faux conifers, vines, or straw.

The AWE jury will decide on wreath concepts by October 8. Wreaths chosen will match locations in downtown Edmonds to hang.

Each selected artist will receive a stipend of $ 150 to help cover the costs of the crown. Checks will be sent after the crown is hung. Wreaths must be completed and hung by November 18, and a photo will be required for the website.

The Crown March will begin on November 18 during the November Art Walk in Edmonds, and artists are encouraged to attend to talk about their crown, their works and to help promote the wreath auction in line. Each wreath will have a biography and contact details of the wreath artist, which will be hung by the wreath. A photo of the wreath, along with its location and artist biography, will be included on the Art Walk Edmonds website.

All wreaths will become the property of AWE and will be auctioned off in the month they are suspended with all proceeds going to Art Walk Edmonds. The Crown March runs until December 16. Questions or suggestions should be directed to Art Walk Edmonds at [email protected]New exhibition with

Japanese-American modernist artist Kenjiro Nomura at the Cascadia Art Museum

A new exhibition and publication featuring Japanese-American modernist artist Kenjiro Nomura is on display at the Cascadia Art Museum from October 21, 2021 to February 20, 2022.

This will be the first solo exhibition in over 60 years of the work of Kenjiro Nomura (1896-1956). Nomura’s modernist work ranges from the urban environment of Seattle and the rural landscapes of the northwest, to paintings and drawings capturing his life in WWII internment camps, to post-war abstractions.

Despite the crippling challenges after the war, Nomura returned to painting and developed a new abstract art style.

The exhibition is accompanied by Cascadia’s latest book, Kenjiro Nomura, American modernist: the journey of an artist Issei, written by art historian Barbara Johns, PhD, with a contributing chapter by Cascadia curator David F. Martin.

You can find out more about the next exhibition here.

– By Rachel Gardner

Rachel Gardner genuinely appreciates art in all its forms and believes that everyone is an artist, some just don’t know it yet. A dedicated and involved Edmonds resident, she can often be spotted on stage making jokes between sets or in the audience enjoying live local performances. She enjoys having fun with her art and finding unique means of expression, like forming a boho-grunge-folk ukulele trio with local Edmonds mothers.



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