Dublin Arts Council to host exhibition of 60 collages created by Ohio State alumna


A collection of recent collages by Denning on display at the Dublin Arts Council. 1 credit

The Dublin Arts Council will encourage environmental awareness by exhibiting Ohio State alumna Nan Penney Denning’s 60 collages until June 2.

The free exhibit, at 7125 Riverside Drive in Dublin, Ohio, is titled “Collage: The Art of Recycling.” It can be viewed by making an appointment online and visited from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday to Thursday, said David Guion, executive director of the Arts Council Dublin and adjunct faculty member at the State of the ‘Ohio.

Each collage measures 11 by 14 inches and features images of everyday materials like recycling-themed magazines and advertisements, Denning said.

“There are so many good images that come to us in magazines, in advertisements, and we present them, but we have all these symbols and images,” Denning said. “There are dogs, there are cats, everything; flowers, plates and furniture. And that was just such a source of these images.

Denning has produced more than 1,000 collages since 2010. Denning said each collage intentionally had no titles to give the audience a chance to draw their own conclusions.

“I do them very intuitively. I don’t say anything with them,” Denning said.

Dublin Arts Council has already hosted two exhibitions, including one that featured 100 portraits by Dutch artist Berry van Bokel, “The Top 100 2021”, Guion said.

“We hope people will come out and become more aware of the gallery and the Arts Council, but also be environmentally aware,” Guion said. “We have hundreds of miles of green space, so hopefully that fits right in with the environmental awareness the city hopes to deliver.”

Before earning an MFA in painting from Ohio State in 1969, Denning was interested in art because his father, an amateur artist who attended the drama school in Yale University, Denning said. Denning had been interested in collages for decades and said she started by making fabric collages from scraps of fabric.

“I’ve always had a collage element to my work,” Denning said. “When I was in college I painted, but every once in a while I slapped a picture from somewhere else.”

Denning has had works exhibited at the Columbus Museum of Art, Capital University’s Shumacher Gallery, OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital and more, she said.

“I like people seeing it, but I can’t say that’s my driving force,” Denning said. “My driving force is just doing it, you know, having fun doing it. But yeah, I’m happy to show it and the gallery in Dublin is really nice because it’s good for small jobs.


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