Detroit City Walls program aims to beautify the area with murals and street art


DETROIT – Detroit’s vibrant arts community will see a boost as the city invests more than $ 150,000 to beautify its buildings.

High quality murals and street art are plentiful in Detroit. The City Walls program started in 2017. It aims to improve public spaces through murals and the initiative is preparing to put up 15 more works of art.

“There are murals on every corner and not just murals but high quality, like really high caliber murals and so many talented artists,” said Brandon Marshall.

Marshall will now have the chance to showcase his high caliber art as he was chosen to paint one of City Walls new murals.

“We’re really trying to help highlight community members who are starting businesses or who have been valuable long-term members of the community,” said project manager Zak Meers. “And provide them with these resources for free and really showcase their spaces and buildings. “

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While Detroit’s artistic community is what encouraged Marshall to relocate to the city, many artists were born and raised in Detroit. Detroit native Waleed Johnson will paint a mural on the Detroit building of the Craft Cafe on Warren Avenue.

“I’m really excited for this because I grew up not too far from this area,” Johnson said. “This is a great opportunity to make a difference in the community in which I have lived. “

“I grew up in Detroit and then I went to art school and I didn’t know what I would do next, but I just took a leap of faith and it fell on my doorstep and I was I gladly accepted, ”said Miranda Kyle. “Because it was a great opportunity. It meant a lot to me. “

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City Walls has beautified 90 locations in city districts since its inception in 2017. The artwork aims to entice new people to visit different parts of the city.

“We want them to come out and we want them to see the artwork and say, ‘Wow, that reflects where I am,’” Meers said.

By November, 15 new locations will go from empty or boring to vibrant and beautiful.

“I just hope the community likes it because I just want to give them something to enjoy and that would be cool to drive around and say, ‘Oh I did that because growing up I was driving in some of those places and see murals and stuff, so now maybe some kids will see mine, ”Johnson said.

The city is accepting applications for more muralists. The deadline is August 14. More information can be found on the Detroit City Walls website here.

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