Columbus Museum of Art hosts Ohio Renaissance Festival


If you can’t wait for the Ohio Renaissance Festival to start in September, or if you’ve always wanted to see knights wandering the halls of the Columbus Museum of Artmeet on Saturday for the Renaissance Festival at the museum.

The celebration was inspired by the museum’s new special exhibit, “Raphael — the power of Renaissance images: the Dresden tapestries and their impact.”

“The idea was basically that Raphael is a great Renaissance artist, so why not bring the Ren Fest to the CMA?” said Amanda Kepner, senior manager of institutional processes at the museum.

“Some people feel intimidated about going to an art museum – they may not know what to do or if they’re going to have fun, but it’s definitely going to be fun, so hopefully it will give anyone hesitating an extra push to join us and check it all out. Also, CMA wants to be a fun place where families and friends can come together and make memories and we are looking for all kinds of opportunities to make that happen” , she said.

Partnership between the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio Renaissance Festival a first

“This is the first time we’ve done anything on this scale,” said Cheryl Bucholtz, director of marketing for the Ohio Renaissance Festival. “We’ve worked with the Cincinnati Museum Center on a few special events before, but maybe it was just sending the queen in for a cameo or incorporating characters. We’re glad the Columbus Museum of Art reached out to us, and I think that it will be a very good collaboration.

Monet:The exhibition “Immersive Monet and the Impressionists” opens Saturday in Columbus

Guests can expect to see Queen Elizabeth in a procession and perform knighting ceremonies, a handful of vendors selling wares, various characters roaming the museum and interacting with guests, and interactive activities such as dancing . Some museum staff will also be in costume for the day.

“I’m especially looking forward to seeing many visitors enjoying the museum,” Kepner said. “Nothing is more exciting than seeing people having fun in a place that I love so much.”

“Raphael — the power of Renaissance images: the Dresden tapestries and their impact”

Where and when is the event taking place?

• 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays at the Columbus Museum of Art, 480 E. Broad St.

How much is admission?

• $18 or $9 for people 60 and over, students 18 and over and children 4 to 17; free for children 3 and under and for museum members; admission to the “Raphael” exhibit is $10.

Do I have to buy a ticket in advance?

• No, but it is recommended.

Are there any discounts ?

• Yes! Admission is bought in one, get one free for those wearing Renaissance-themed costumes, both for museum entry and for the special “Raphael” tapestries exhibition.

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What types of costumes are encouraged?

• Puffy shirts, peasant skirts, waistcoats, crowns and pointed shoes

Which costume elements are prohibited?

• Items worn on the back (backpacks, baby carriers and costume pieces such as fairy wings); items that may cause contact or tripping hazards (including selfie sticks, umbrellas and “magic tools”); weapons of all kinds (including firearms, axes, swords and maces); wings, wands and sticks.

Is this a kid-friendly event?

• Absolutely! An improv group will work with kids to create a story, a puppet maker will offer a do-it-yourself activity (possibly themed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and the Center for Creativity’s interactive galleries will be open.

What if I’m hungry?

• Museums Cafe Schokko will be open, and guests are invited to have lunch in the museum garden.

What about parking?

• Parking available in the parking lot north of the museum for $5 or free for members. On weekends, free parking is available nearby at the State Auto Insurance employee parking lot. See the museum’s website for more information:

Where can I find out more?

• 614-221-6801,

[email protected]


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