Check it out: Weirton Art Gallery showcases works by talented young artists


WEIRTON, (W. Va.) – When you think of an artist, a famous painter may come to mind, but an art gallery exhibits works made by children and their talent may surprise you.

works like this is often eye-catching, but when you meet the artist behind these, it may surprise you.

Sarah Robinson did this, and she’s only 14.

“I can show people my art, and that means a lot to me. “

Sarah Robinson, young artist

But beyond this painting, you will find other pieces by young artists like Sarah. Some of these arts are paintings and sketches. Others are recycled clothing and papier-mâché pieces. Each is created by a middle school student.

Art teachers handpicked the pieces presented, and even they or they are impressed.

“The first round we did was really great, but I feel like the second round of my students’ works really blew me away and they really brought it to the table.”

Lindsey Zeigler, art teacher at Brooke Middle School

“We have kids doing really cool stuff in school, but they don’t necessarily show it to the public. It raises awareness of what they can do.

Ron Anderson, art teacher at Oakland Middle School

But teachers aren’t the only ones marveling at all of this, as is Priscilla Runkel. She organized the event.

“Oh amazing, you can’t believe what the young students have found on their own and how it comes so naturally to them.”

Priscilla Runkel, Top of WV Arts Council Fellow and Event Chair

And at least for now, young artists like Sarah Robinson will have their pieces left here for all to admire.

You can see the work yourself. The pieces are on display at the Summit Art Gallery in Weirton.


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