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Eden is welcoming Sydney-based ceramist Luke Ryan O’Connor this week, presenting his work at BVRG: PORT, the pop-up gallery space housed in the Snug Cove Visitor Center.

In chatting with ACM on Tuesday morning, Luke explained that he is working hard to complete all of the work titled Melt, drip, Chandelier throughout the year a selection of colorful and alluring textured ceramic pieces.

“After the COVID lockdowns hit Sydney, I set up a home studio in my garage, where I have been working for six months,” he said.

“It’s been a little crazy, because I haven’t exhibited in a physical space for two years now,” he said.

In the meantime, Luke, who has been building his profile for five or six years, has had several online exhibitions with Artereal Gallery.

With a significant number of ceramic artists in the area, Bega Valley Regional Gallery Director Iain Dawson was looking for a ceramic artist to visit the Far South and exhibit.

MDL, Polychrome Beige & Chartreuse Vase, 2021, Sandstone, Glaze, Gold Luster, 27 x 17 x 17 MDL, Polychrome Orange and Blue Vase, 2021, Sandstone, Glaze, Platinum Luster 26 x 17 x 17

“I think he wanted to connect people who do ceramics here with artists from Sydney, it’s a good choice for me to be able to come and do that,” said Luke.

The ceramist has exhibited throughout Australia as well as at international exhibitions in New Zealand and Germany, and has described his work as a large series of small ceramic vessels.

Ceramicist Luke Ryan O’Connor talks about his work

“My practice is very process-based. A lot of my ideas come from experiencing the hardware itself,” Luke said.

“I implement many different methods and techniques in my work, combining elements that still refer to ceramic objects that people may have seen before,” he said.

“For example, these vessels could be used as a vase but are also designed to be free-standing pieces with their own character.

“I am always interested in using bright colors. A lot of people can think of white porcelain or terracotta when they think of ceramics, but I want my work to move away from that. “

This week is the first time Luke has visited the far south coast and he was suitably impressed by the beauty and the pace.

“It’s so beautiful, the beaches, the people – I was lucky Iain took me – we enjoyed the oysters, the Pambula markets, I can’t wait to explore the national parks and do some walks while I’m here, “he said.

Ceramist Luke Ryan O'Connor and Bega Valley Regional Gallery Director Iain Dawson discuss installation details ahead of the exhibition opening Friday in Eden.  Photo: Léa Szanto

Ceramist Luke Ryan O’Connor and Bega Valley Regional Gallery Director Iain Dawson discuss installation details ahead of the exhibition opening Friday in Eden. Photo: Léa Szanto

There is a great opportunity this Saturday to understand Luke’s artistic process and see a demonstration of him working for an hour.

“A lot of work is required for the initial construction of a piece. I will go through the whole process of building the piece, throwing in clay, making the main body and the small accessories that I add to it. ‘using molds that I have prefabricated from pieces of stone and styrofoam, ”he said.

“I use a heat gun to dry the clay quickly, which is a bit unusual, so my work usually goes through three or four fires.

“The first is biscuit, then I tend to add a lot of layers and more sculptural glazing.”

Luke’s work is on sale through Artereal and Iain Dawson can also be contacted for any inquiries.

Melt, drip, Chandelieropens this Friday evening and will be presented to BVRG: PORT in the reception center from December 18, 2021 to February 8, 2022.

Tickets for the Friday night opening include canapes and bubbles and can be booked by clicking here.

Workshop / demo reservations for Saturday morning can be booked by clicking here.

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