Best Art Gallery – Eugene Weekly

New zone gallery. Photo by Todd Coper.

1. New zone gallery 110 E. 11th Avenue 541-683-0759.

2. Karin Clarke Gallery 760 Willamette. 541-6847-7963.

3. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art 1430 Johnson Ln. 541-346-3027.

Approaching middle age – it was founded in 1983, which means it’s about to turn 40 – Eugene’s feisty New Zone Gallery isn’t just getting older, it’s improved. Long the institutional equivalent of your eccentric couch-surfer cousin, moving from a largely donated downtown space on a month-to-month basis, the nonprofit community gallery has finally managed to sign an actual lease. on its current quarters in old St. Vincent de Paul retail store at 11th and downtown Oak. There, with greater stability, it continues its exhibitions for all comers – the new area operates on the principle that art should not be judged or judged, especially by commercial standards – while holding activities ranging from community figure drawing class at a music festival produced by the Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble. At the time, it was the New Zone that appeared in his Salon des Refusés, with a thumbs up from the local art establishment, a work rejected by the town mayor’s official art exhibition. More recently, he took on some giant commercial lead in Eugene with his sardonic Panem et Circenses (Bread Not Circuses) exposure. New Zone may be heading into middle age, but he’s not looking for the middle of the road just yet.


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