Ben Hunter Gallery ‘Mimicries’ Art Exhibition London


Mimesis and mimicry are the basis of a new group exhibition at Ben Hunter Gallery in London. “What do these words mean? You might ask. In the first, the New Oxford American Dictionary defines mimesis as a “representation or imitation of the real world in art and literature”. While the latter term refers to “the action or art of imitating someone or something, usually for the purpose of entertaining or ridiculing”.

Although both terms refer to the act of imitation, conservatives Jan Tumlir and Jeffrey Stuker, recall the viewer that mimicry “is not necessarily about representation, and certainly not about accuracy of representation”. It is here that the collective exhibition Mimicry begin. The multi-room exhibition brings together a cast of international artists, including Arthur Jafa, Jeff Wall and Lynne Marshwho explore the space between the shown subject and the known subject.

Dubbed “dark space” by Tumlir and Stuker, the multimedia work invites the viewer to reflect on various forms of artifice that transcend the artist and encompass the entirety of the natural and constructed worlds. Mimicry recently opened its doors last week and will remain on view at Ben Hunter Gallery until July 21.

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Ben Hunter Gallery
44 Duke Street St James’s,
St. James’s, London SW1Y 6DD

Exhibiting artists:

Hedi El Kholti
Victoria Gitman
Arthur Jaffa
Clementine Keith-Roach
Louise Lawler
Lynne Marsh
Nicolas G. Miller
Christopher Page
Jeffrey Stuker
Jeff Wall


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